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Teach your children the power of giving with the Giving Gal Series

Teach your children the power of giving with the Giving Gal Series

In today’s world, books are the some of the best told parents can use to teach kids many skills, values and emotional connections. Conversations and books are a powerful teaching tool when used together. The Giving Gal series will teach your child the power of giving as well as a lesson in kindness and gratitude.

More than just a book, you get a bundle. When you head over to the Giving Gal website to order your book, it comes signed by the Author and also an audio version of the book read by the Author and activity guide. At the end of the book there are discussion suggestions to use with your child during or after your read. Also, there is a fun ‘find the hearts’ page where you can look for hidden hearts in a picture collage

Find the Hearts book

Aside from the books, the Giving Gal website has all sorts of fun from a meet the character page and parent/teacher resources. Also check out the newest book, Giving Gal and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza.

The Author is Stephanie L Jones, who has over a decade of speaking experience and a vast array of adventures and careers, Stephanie exudes enthusiasm for inspiring others through public speaking. Stephanie’s heart lies in encouraging others to give their best life through giving, gratitude, and goals, with a foundation in faith.With Valentine’s around the corner, this is a great gift for your family! Visit The Giving Gal website to order you book(s) today!

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