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Tastefully Simple Moppin’ Pot & Silicone Brush for Father’s Day

This is a promotional post for Tastefully Simple. Opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature
One of the most popular gifts you can get for Dad may just be BBQ and kitchen gadgets! In my home, my husband does the grilling and I cook the other foods. We grill as often as we can in the summer if only to keep the oven off which heats up the house. One common disruption to grill time is scrubbing dried BBQ sauce off the grill table. We brush our sauces on then have to rest the brush on the grill which makes a mess. Sure! A bowl on the side table helps, but perhaps Dad wants something more than a dinner bowl beside him. Men like unique gadgets that perhaps start a conversation about how great his new gift is. Tastefully Simple has a lot of fun Father’s Day gift ideas and many are under $50! To help keep the grill clean, we have the Moppin’ Pot and Silicone Brush set.
The Moppin’ Pot is stainless steel and you can feel the quality! The silicone brush works great and sits inside the can as a lid without tipping. The lid makes sure the sauce stays on the brush inside the pot and not all over our grill. 
I also tried their Smokey Bacon BBQ sauce and my husband and son are hooked. My husband’s exact words were “…where can we get this? I don’t care what it costs, we need more!” It was the best sauce I have ever tried. My son also could not stop dipping foods in it. 
Tastefully Simple products are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, MSG and hydrogenated fats. You can find these and other great products at tastefullysimple.com and independent consultants in the US!

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