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TAO Clean self-cleaning sonic toothbrush and facial brush

TAO Clean self-cleaning sonic toothbrush and facial brush

I have come out of quarantine with a cleaner lifestyle, including food and hygiene. I guess when hand-washing and poor health was slapping us in the face, I decided to learn more about the ingredients in products I use and consume each day. A healthy claim on food is typically anything but once you dissect the nutrition label. A clean makeup brush and toothbrush is anything but when you are not taking steps to properly sanitize and use the right products that don’t leave healthy residue behind. Two sanitizing products I have on my bathroom counter are the TAO Clean UMMA Diamond Self-Cleaning Sonic Toothbrush and TAO Clean ONA Diamond Facial Brush.

TAO clean

TAO Clean is such a brilliant brand. The toothbrush is self-cleaning. The dock recharges and dries my toothbrush as UV-C lights works to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria (yes, just about 100%). Once I dock my damp toothbrush after brushing my teeth, the 360 degrees TAO Clean Halo uses powerful UV-C rays to kill the bacteria, and then the built-in dryer wicks away any moisture from the brush. 

UV sanitizing

It does everything I expect from a power toothbrush. The docking station is a design that is modern and does not take up much counter space. It has an ergonomic handle and it spins at 40,000 tiny brush strokes per minute. The TAO Clean toothbrush has dual settings (Super Clean & Sensitive Clean) and a 2-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds to remind me to move to the next quadrant of my mouth.

sanitized brushes

The TAO Facial Brush works very similar. The built-in dryer keeps my brush dry and mildew-free and the 360º Halo Lamp cleans the brush with its UV-C light. Visit the TAO Clean store on Amazon to get your products for a cleaner summer!

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