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Take your 2024 Healthy Goals on the go with BlendJet

My routing changed several weeks ago. I eat breakfast as late as possible and on weekdays it is a protein smoothie. Once you grab all of your ingredients and have them handy, making morning smoothies is actually very easy. I have it down to completion before coffee brews. On mornings when I am in a hurry or when traveling, I always wish there was a way to still get my morning smoothie made. With BlendJet 2, I can take my healthy goals on the go!

Whether I want to travel with my BlendJet or take it in the RV when camping, making smoothies (and even cocktails) are not far-reached. First of all, the many designs to choose from are so fun. I also love the extra accessories you can buy such as my larger cup I use when making smoothies. This assures that I can fit my fruits, powders and liquids for a full meal serving.

This BlendJet 2 model has stainless steel blades that are offset from the center of the base, which creates a tornado effect that blasts ingredients into the back of the jar 275 times per second. This technology — combined with a more powerful motor and doubled battery capacity — makes BlendJet 2 five times more powerful than BlendJet One. You will want this upgrade to handle all blending recipes on the go. Shop BlendJet for 2024!

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