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Take Back the Menstrual Comfort with PantyProp

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Let’s talk THAT time of the month. What is your regimen? Is it the same since puberty or have you changed how you control the flow? The best 5 years of my life were when I had an IUD and did not have cycles. Then I had to replace it and the new one became embedded into my muscle and that was pain I never wanted to experience again. So, I had that removed and went back on the pill and my menstrual cycles began again. On that topic, I want to introduce you to PantyProp.


I don’t like to keep tampons going the entire cycle. I sort of feel unsanitary about that. When I was in the early stages of puberty I caught a newspaper article that terrified me. I was young and didn’t make it a habit to read the paper at that age, but it was left behind in the bathroom. Sort of out of boredom and passing some needed bathroom time I picked it up. The page was on a story of a local mother who had died from what was called TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Now I am thinking that is not too common, but it terrified me from tampons for a long time.


I use them now along with pads. There are plenty of brands that offer period panties. Also check out Knix as another option. The topic of pads is a frustrating one on its own. I can’t help but think of back to school and how many young girls who may have started their first period this summer and are heading back to school still in that discomfort level. The cramps, PMS and sanitation. Can I mention that I have all boys so I sort of dodged a parenting bullet on that one-lol.


Pads mean chaffing an shifting. That’s where Panty Prop comes in. They are a panty made for the pad. Not a pad with a sort of half-way attempt for a panty. It is very simple. There is a built-in pocket to slip your pad into. Your pad lies in a way that it does not shift and no stains are visible where you don’t want them. They come in many styles and colors. So go ahead and be that soccer or volleyball star anytime of the month. You’ll forget you are wearing a pad. Trust me. Visit

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