French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

If there is a wine that makes you feel relaxed or refreshed on a hot day or has you flying through hours with friends, it is a good French rosé. A good rosé has just enough grape skin for some color, but it is not a red wine. French rosé is best when chilled and pairs great with your summer favorites – salads, seafoods and great with Spanish dishes (try a rosé with some empanadas or fresh tortillas)! French Blue Wine is not French, however, it is American.

French Rose wine

French Blue Wine 2020 Bordeaux Rosé has an American twist on French rosé. What is American about it? It is in the blend of fresh-cut flavor of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry. It is crisp and so refreshing for a hot summer day or evening or any time of year that you need to feel warm again.

French wine

Stephanie Rivin is the Creator of French Blue Wine. She wanted to bring and keep a piece of France with her in the US. Look for French Blue Wines at Whole Foods, World Markets, Target, Kroger and Visit French Blue Wines to see more.

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Mionetto Prosecco Prestige Collection for all of your 2020 Entertaining

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Wine! It makes a great gift, a great way to relax and shows you are ready to listen and spend time with others. Whether it is Christmas dinner, New Years, birthdays or other occasions wine is a universal gift and staple to the dinner table.

When looking for inexpensive wines that are made with careful ingredients and are high quality, have you tried Mionetto Prosecco? Their Prestige Collection I am serving for the Holidays will cost you roughly $15-$20 a bottle and no one would ever guess.

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry ($14 750ml / $4 Mini 187ml) This deeply luscious sparkling rosè is the result of soft pressing of red grapes. The wine offers a peach blossom luminosity, accompanied by a fine, lively perlage. This wine is known for its intense fragrances, like holding an edible bouquet of violets, raspberries, strawberries, and wild flowers – a perfect pairing for your holiday table. 

Mionetto Prestige Brut ($14 750ml / $4 Mini 187ml) Made from 100% Glera grapes from the province of Treviso, an area renowned for high quality Prosecco, this sparkling wine offers a luminous straw yellow hue and stylish mousse.  

Prosecco DOC Organic Extra Dry ($15 750ml) Made from grapes from a certified organic winery in the town of Vazzola in the hills of Treviso. This wine  merges delicate fragrances of acacia blossoms and strong tastes of golden apple, pineapple and orange.

Mionetto Prosecco also has other collections even more grand than this. Make sure you visit Mionetto online and find the wines that pair best with the food you are serving. Find it at Bevmo and Total Wine & More stores.

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Eco Friendly Boxes Wine Packaging from Bota Box #GoBota #ExploreEverything

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Eco Friendly Boxes Wine Packaging from Bota Box

To tread lightly on our Earth means to make smarter shopping decisions. When you walk into a grocery store you see aisles and aisles of plastic, glass and cardboard boxes. Inside those packages are sometimes more packaging. Then at home our garbage and recycling bins are full by garbage pick up day. Multiply that by every household on this planet and that is a lot of environmental harm. Bota Box understands this and they make buying their boxed wine products a choice that benefits our environment.

eco friendly

With wines that come in 100% recyclable packaging with BPA-BPS free wine bags inside, Bota Box truly has environmentally friendly packaging. Not all “eco-friendly” packaging is created equal. It’s important to make sure you see the official stamps on the packaging that assure you that the product you are buying is packaged with care. And even better then the words ‘recyclable’ are the words ‘reusable’. This means that, like Bota Box, VOC-free inks and post consumer fibers or other reusable sources are used.

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bota glass

Now that you have made an earth-conscious decision to by products that are creating less landfill waste it is time to celebrate. Because there is no glass or corkscrew you can take the wine to enjoy anywhere. Having it in a box that is more easily portable than bottles means transporting your wine is easier because 1 Bota Box equals 4 bottles of wine.

bota mini

Shopping smarter is as easy as trusting what you read. So look for more than words. Look for the stamps and seals that say your product is truly eco friendly. I look for these stamps on packaging for this reason as well as assuring my foods and cosmetics are truly organic or natural. If we all made buying smarter a priority imagine how lightly we can begin to tread on our Earth. Keep the tips in the image below as a reminder on how to shop smarter.

shop smarter

Give Bota Box and Bota Mini wines a try. They are so smooth with fantastic flavors. No bitter aftertaste and the cost is fantastic. You can find the brand in most grocers and convenience stores.

Bota Box has summer wines: Dry Rose and Mini Sauvignon Blanc and all season wines: Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, RedVolution, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, NighHawk Black Red Blend and Malbec. Remember how much Bota Box cares for your love of wine and the footprints we all leave in the environment. Visit Bota Box to learn more.

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Valentine’s Day Gift of Josh Cellars Wines

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Chances are wine may be in your Valentine’s Day plans. Even if you are not a wine drinker, someone you know is. I am no connoisseur but I do like to enjoy a good wine when paired with the right meal or foods. That is what I love about the idea of a Valentine’s day gift of Josh Cellars wines to give. It is hard to know what wine someone likes-reds, whites, sparkling, etc.. There are so many different types that if you can narrow it down by food pairings perhaps it is easiest to gift or even use it in a gift basket with appropriate food choices. Josh Cellars is a great wine to gift and I’ll tell you why.
The red wines of Josh Cellars are bold and say “winter”. The 3 wines that make a great Winter Red choice are the Legacy, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. From those red wine choices you can decide by food pairing! The Josh Cellars website helps break down the contents and pairings for each of their wines.
Are you wanting to gift a wine that pairs with a steak and potato meal? The Legacy is your best choice. It is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. The prominent flavors are plum and blackberry.
Are you wanting to gift a wine that pairs with beef, pork or lamb in combination with espresso or dessert? The Cabernet Sauvignon is your best choice. It has a touch of Merlot and Petite Verdot within this wine. The prominent flavors are blackcurrent and blackberry.
Are you wanting to gift a wine that pairs with veggies, turkey or chocolate? The Pinot Noir is your best choice. It is 100% pinot with the prominent flavors of dark cherry and chocolate.
You can learn all this about the other wine selections at

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