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New from Stomp Rocket is the Magne-Darts Dart Board for Kids

New from Stomp Rocket is the Magne-Darts Dart Board for Kids

Summer will now be a step above, having a blast. If you’re outdoor playtime looks like rockets and flying toys, it is about to include dart boards and scoring! New from Stomp Rocket is the Magne-Darts dart board for kids and you can set this down or hang it on a wall – indoors or out for great screen-free fun.

Dart board

The kid-friendly magnetic darts will help your kids learn the classic game of darts. The magnets are strong enough to stick to the board, but I have had no wall damage around the board. It comes with a hanging notch to put on a wall. You get 6 darts, 3 red and 3 green.

game of darts

You can visit Stomp Rocket to learn more and find other summer toys available. Magne-Darts is also available on Amazon.

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This game from Pressman Toy may Topple on you

This game from Pressman Toy may Topple on you

Watch your balance! This game from Pressman Toy may Topple on you and it is your job to see how many and how high you can stack your pieces before it topples over. The original Topple game is a game almost any age (over 3 years) will enjoy for spring/summer game nights. There is no major set up and you can pack this game up and bring it to family get togethers or travel spots.

Be the one to score the most points by completing or adding to stacks or rows of playing pieces, while being careful not to topple any of the other pieces. The more points you score, the harder it is to keep Topple from toppling! It’s so simple yet engaging.

I played with my son who is soon to be 13. I wondered if it was perhaps too simple for him, but we played it over and over again. It is easy to become a bit competitive and want to get even further next round. Topple is available on Amazon.

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Strider Makes the Best First Bike for Kids

Strider Makes the Beat First Bikes for Kids

It is always so much fun when the kids get their first bike. We buy a color or design we know they will like, put the training wheels on and pick out a cool helmet. Now you don’t have to wait as long for them to be ready for training wheels. Your toddler can learn to handle a balance bike as early as 18 months old. Strider Bikes makes the best first bike for kids.

strider bike

This is the Strider 12″ Sport model balance bike for ages 18 months to about 5 years old. The 12″ also comes in a Classic and Pro model. With any of the models there are colors to choose from. It is so easy to assemble – one of the easiest items I have had to assemble in a long time!

balance bike

The extra seat extender is included so as your child grows, the seat will raise to appropriate height. My nephew just turned 18 months old so I have the short rod in for now. The handle bars and seat have the quick release clips so adjusting is very easy and quick. The saddle and footrest are performance style and the amazing quality in every piece is clearly obvious.

kids first bike

Strider Bikes can start your infant as young as 6 months old on their Rocking Bike, then move to the 12″ Balance Bike models and eventually to the 14″ models for ages 3-7. Teaching balance before pedaling is the best way to raise confidence in your child as they progress to the ‘big bike’. Visit Strider Bikes today and get those bike skills started by summer!

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Bunnies by the Bay Books, Lovies and Gifts for Spring Playtime

Bunnies by the Bay Books, Lovies and Gifts for Spring Playtime

Better than spring and summer family travels, is having a friend to travel with your child. When my son was young, packing special or new toys or books to keep him occupied was a must! Bunnies by the Bay has books, lovies, stuffed animals and other gifts that make great companions for your child. They are timeless gifts and many gift sets come packaged in adorable boxes.

Bunnies by the Bay

This is the Blooms Little Star Gift Set and you can add on a personalization to the bunny’s ear with your child’s name or a message. The gift set comes with a 16″ 100% polyester plush bunny and Little Star Board Book – “Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?”

book gifts

This plush is so soft, you have to feel it to believe how snuggly he is. Handcrafted and ready to be your child’s companion and there are more than just bunnies at Bunnies by the Bay. You can find stuffed animal dragon, bee, dino and more. They all have the handcrafted quality. Their books and lovies are just as adorable.

gifts for kids

If you need a gift for a child who loves books, lovies or animal friends, visit Bunnies by the Bay to find great gift ideas.