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These new Pop It!s are for the Stranger Things, Marvel and Star Wars fans

These new Pop It!s are for the Stranger Things, Marvel and Star Wars fans

The popular waffle, bubble-popping fidget toys are getting new looks! In April, Buffalo Games is releasing Stranger Things Pop It!s, including Eleven’s waffle and the Demogorgon, and just in time for Stranger Things Season 4 to hit Netflix on May 27. Marvel fans get new colors for the Spider-Man and Iron Man Pop It!s. Star Wars fans can look for a glow-in-the-dark Grogu Pop It! and new fun colors for the Darth Vader Pop It!

Pop It!s

These Pop It!s are as addictive to kids and adults alike. They will make great pick ups for this weekend’s Easter Baskets for all ages. The glow-in-the-dark features in some of these new releases will be a hit with the kids.

Grogu Pop It!s

The Star Wars and Marvel Pop Its! are available now. The Stranger Things Pop Its! will launch on April 17. These new Pop It!s will all be available exclusively at Target, both online and in stores.

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Popdarts is the next legendary dart game as seen on TikTok

PopDarts is the next legendary dart game as seen on TikTok

Maybe you have seen the TikTok videos that made Popdarts viral. This simple game is so addicting and when my teen saw the chance to try it out I had to partner with Popdarts. In darts, there is a simple scoring methond – a bullseye and points are calculated based on darts that stick and who is closest to the bullseye. Popdarts is very simple yet it can be played anywhere with no dangerous darts to wreck your walls or hang a board.

Dart game

The orange piece is your bullseye and can be placed on any surface right side up or sideways like on a stainless or glass door. They stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, some appliances, windows, and glass doors. Then each player chooses a color and not only needs their dart to actually stick and stay, but be the closest to the bullseye marker. You play as many rounds as needed for a player to reach 21 points. This is a hit in the home or traveling and even at campsites.

It is best to show you how Popdarts is played in their video below. My son already saw the TikTok videos so perhaps you have seen play in action already.

Popdarts is so addicting and will get those kids away from the screen. It is so compact and can go anywhere. Just bring it out at any event and you will definitely gain payers real quick. They do have expansion packs to add in more players. Available on Amazon!

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Click Your Heels Together with Wizard of Oz BendyFigs

Click Your Heels Together with Wizard of Oz BendyFigs

If you like to collect figures or need gift ideas for those who enjoy toys or pop culture items, these BendyFigs from The Noble Collection are ready to display. Your favorite hero and villain come to life with these figures that have great detail.

Cowardly Lion

This Wizard of Oz collection features Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. Every Bendyfig character comes with an accessory. Yes, Dorothy has her basket and Toto! Cowardly Lion has his courage medal, Tin Man has his heart clock and Scarecrow has his diploma. They stand about 7″ tall on their yellow brick wall stand.


The detail is incredible. If you know someone who would love these as Holiday gifts for collectors or toy fans, you can find other collections such as – DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Space Jam and Star Trek. You can find even more child favorites with BendyFigs minis. See all available figures the Noble Collection website and on Amazon.

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Stomp Rocket Ultra Rockets make great STEM toy gifts

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rockets make great STEM toy gifts

For over 25 years Stomp Rocket® has been making STEM-based play fun! Not only does it get the kids outdoors, the adults have fun playing along too. While looking for STEM toy gifts that soars for the Holidays, Stomp Rocket is always a hit. This is the Stomp Rocket Ultra and it will soar up to 200feet!

Ultra rocket

With Stomp Rocket you don’t need cords or batteries. These are 100% kid-powered. They stomp at the foam-tipped rocket soars. This Ultra goes up to twice as high as the original Stomp Rocket. This set comes with 4 Ultra Stomp Rockets, Launch Stand, Launch Pad with Air Hose.

Visit Stomp Rocket online and an Amazon and see all of the new toys they have launched and have ready for the Holidays.