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PARA’KITO Natural Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent

I have partnered with PARA’KITO for this feature

PARA’KITO Natural Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent

OK parents! We have been warned that much of what we grew up using as kids actually contains (or now contains) ingredients that are harmful. So, how do we know what is really safe to use from soaps to sun and bug sprays? Summer is coming and we want the best for our families but not spend a fortune either. Let’s look at PARA’KITO for mosquito repellent. The diseases these insects carry is scary but we can protect our kids, naturally and affordably.

With PARA’KITO, you can get those popular and effective essential oils in ready-to-use products that are safe and natural. I am so excited to have these for the summer! I am featuring 2 bands from the kids collection.

bug band

Finally a mosquito repellent I feel safe using on my family. It is a unique blend of essential oils with a slow release form so this works wet or dry and once you open a refill it protects for 2 weeks. I can use the roll on, bands or clips on even my youngest son. Made with natural essential oils I don’t have to fear that we have too much on or that we’ll be left with a horrible scent on ourselves.

It is gentle and with the exception of the roll-on for under 6 months old or taking care not to allow a baby/toddler to get ahold of these in a way to chew or put in their mouths you can use these on the very youngest of family members. It’s as safe as any essential oil product you would normally use. Visit learn more!

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5 End-of-Summer Safety Tips

The long, hot days of summer are still here, but already many of us are dreaming of days when the weather cools and brings the colors of autumn. But don’t let your guard down yet. Parents and families should continue to take care. Summer heat and the various outdoor activities we engage in outside of our usual routines bring with it an edge of danger.

5 End-of-Summer Safety Tips

Here are tips for continued summer safety for you and your loved ones.

  1. Watch the water play.

According to the US National Safety Council, between the ages of 5 and 24, drowning is the second most common cause of death.

Parents should always accompany their child to a water play area. Safety experts suggest that parents learn how to administer CPR and other rescue techniques. Children should know to never swim by themselves and only to swim in areas that are supervised by adults or lifeguards.

  1. Practice safe enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Summer is a time when kids and parents get to try out new sports and other activities that aren’t a part of their usual routine. From motorboats to ziplining to skateboarding and more. However, Houston injury attorneys warn that a serious injury can be enough to sideline a person for good.

Make sure that you take safety guidelines for each activity to heart. Emphasize to your children the importance of following instructions that are given when trying out any new activity. You do not want to frighten your child, but at the same time you want them to know that injuries are no laughing matter.

  1. Don’t compete with the heat.

Children under the age of 4 years old are at the greatest risk of heat stroke. But that’s not to say that children above 4 are off the hook. Everyone is susceptible to heat stroke if caution is not taken.

The best defense is to prevent the risk by staying out of direct sunlight. Plan for any outdoor activities during the coolest times of the day. If you must go out during midday heat, make sure all the members of your family wear hats and are covered to protect from sunburns. Other tips for staying safe include staying hydrated and cooling off with showers at the first sign of overheating.

  1. Don’t leave food out.

Summer temperatures can surprise you with their intensity. Food poisoning during the summer can happen when you least expect it. Perhaps you have been used to leaving a plate of food on the counter and returning to it in a couple of hours? During the summer, leaving food out could lead to a case of food poisoning.

The FDA gives guidelines on their site about how long food can be left out. If the temperature is higher than 90° F, then it needs to go back into the fridge after 1 hour. To play it safe, during the hottest days of summer, everything that isn’t going to be eaten immediately should be tucked away in your fridge.

  1. Dodge bees, bugs, and bites.

It’s not just children who are out in full force during the summer. Summer weather is prime time for the insect world. But there are steps you can take to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes, bees, and other crawlers.

Bees like fragrances and floral patterns. Avoid both when choosing clothing for your children. Dress your children in clothes that provide coverage and that are lightweight and breathable. Use bug repellent spray whenever you go to the park or other area that has heavy mosquito traffic. Mosquito netting around baby strollers is another helpful way to keep mosquito bites at bay.

Most of the items that on this list are things we are aware of, but it can be easy to relax as summer’s end nears. Keep your family safe by staying aware even while you enjoy your quality family time.

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Spring and Summer Kids Clothing Outfits from Rockin’ Baby

esSample sent for feature

Spring Summer kids clothing

With Easter coming I wanted to feature a clothing brand for baby and kids that not only offers quality clothing and accessories but also gives back. Spring Summer kids clothing from Rockin’ Baby will help mothers around the world with your purchase.

My son will spend this Easter in the Blue Brushed Check Shirt and Camel Cord Trousers. He is 8 and because they carry up to size 10 years he is able to wear the line of outfits they offer.

rb0519_bst_f2-7 RB0564_CAM_F_1

Ordering this outfit was a risk because my son is so picky with pants. I can never get him in jeans. He only wears shorts or athletic clothing. I had him look at how the waist is designed as that is the part that bothers his bony hops most. We tried it on and took some photos and as I was editing photos and became busy I noticed he was not quick to take the outfit off. Until I told him to get in the shower he was lounging in this outfit without complaining. That says a lot with him about the comfort he felt in these pants and the top.

pants spring clothes

Now partnering with ChildFund, for every item you purchase, Rockin’ Baby donates a sling, carrier, or item of clothing to a needy child somewhere in the world. Your purchase makes a difference and that is clothing your child will fell and look great in. Visit Rockin’ Baby for more information and styles.

Boys Easter

My son is heading out of size 8 and into a 10 and this outfit is a size 10 and the fit is perfect. He can bend, sit and run in these pants comfortably.

boys outfit

spring and summer

Looking for a quality spring outfit for the kids? See all of the styles from baby to big kid at Rockin’ Baby clothes for kids ( and charity).