The Importance of Scheduling ‘Mom & Dad Time’ — And How to Ensure the Routine Sticks

Parents have just 32 minutes to themselves each day, with many having to actually hide from their children in order to get some time alone, according to one survey conducted by the meal delivery service Munchery. While scheduling a relaxation break as a couple can seem nearly impossible, however, there are a multitude of benefits involved in doing so aside from simply recharging. From the value of taking a break together from time to time to how to actually make doing so a habit that sticks around, here’s what you should consider if a busy household has left you in need of a break for some Mom and Dad time.

The benefits of alone time — together 

Spending quality alone time can feel like an impossible feat with a busy household to run, though there are a multitude of benefits that come along with carving out some well-deserved alone time. “Many of us internalize [the message] that parenting trumps all [and] everything is pushed aside,” says Minneapolis clinical social worker Marit Appeldoorn. “But this [time] is not a luxury, not dispensable. We really have to give ourselves permission to do our thing, even if it’s just 10 minutes with a cup of coffee. It’s good for physical health, mental health and really, really good for our parenting.” 

However, while alone time is important for each parent individually, spending time with your partner alone is just as important — especially if one or both parents are away at work or a busy family schedule has made regular date nights a thing of the past. Not only is making time for each other a great way to reconnect and spend time doing something that you both enjoy doing together, but it can help in maintaining a healthy relationship and/or marriage, too. Through uninterrupted time spent together, parents can communicate, laugh and have fun together.

How scheduling can help

When looking to make designated couple time a priority, actually writing it down and carving out the space in your planner or calendar can help greatly. Not only will this give you something to look forward to, but will ensure you don’t forget about it, either, and will allow you to organize childcare arrangements well in advance. Whether you choose to have a date night once a week or a weekend getaway every few months, planning ahead will allow you to effectively make ‘Mom and Dad’ time a priority, even with the busiest of schedules. While making time to have an uninterrupted dinner together can be a great way to spend time as a couple, mixing up your options can make for an exciting date — even if it’s a short hike, an afternoon movie, or the occasional weekend away. Making time to relax together can also be done in the most literal ways — such as by taking the time to get a couples massage. With a range of packages and options for couples that allow for focus on the areas that need it the most, like the feet, face, head, neck and shoulders, there’s no question that a couples massage can make for the ultimate way to relax and unwind together. And, with options that take as little as thirty minutes, scheduling a couples massage can be one of the most flexible ways to spend time together during a busy week.

Getting a moment to yourself as a parent can be a major challenge, nevermind coordinating alone time with your partner, though doing so can be very beneficial to yourself and the relationship as a whole. By making it a priority to plan out and schedule time alone — whether it’s a dinner or a weekend getaway, you can take a well-deserved break to recharge and have fun together.

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Back to school parents and kids fashion from Little Bipsy

Back to school parents and kids fashion from Little Bipsy

Just north of me in a town called Edmonds, Wa is a brick and mortar shop called Little Bipsy. They started online and eventually opened their storefront and fed into other retailers as well. Little Bipsy is a modern apparel line for children and they also include some adult sizes as well. I am in love with their modern and comfortable designs that are so hard to find elsewhere. My youngest is a teen, but I remember that no matter how hard I tried to find classic, yet modern touches that it was impossible. His clothes were trucks and monsters and they were so thin and basic. I wish Little Bipsy existed when he was younger.

I was able to sample the adult waffle jogger and top line. The feel is a soft, thermal-like knit and the fit is perfect. I would not order a size up at all from your normal size. Right away, I could see and then feel the quality and I want to stay in these all day. I love a good pair of joggers to relax in and that are modern enough to toss on some tennis shoes and run errands in because they look as great as they feel. 

The collections from Little Bipsy include – Core Collection, Black Cherry + Spice Cider Collection, Marble Collection, Kiwi + Strawberry Collection and the Adult + Mini collections. Find great fall colors in modern comfortable knits for baby to Dad and everyone in between.

It gets cold here in the PNW for fall and into winter so having knits that will keep kids warm but still fun to wear should be in every child’s closet. Little Bipsy is your brand for such pieces. Shop their kids fashion for back to school!


The TODO Game is an award-winning game that promotes meaningful conversation

The TODO Game is an award-winning game that promotes meaningful conversation

Turn off the TV and video games and grab a game the entire family can get into. From entertaining toddlers to bonding with the teens, the ToDo Game is an award-winning Australian activity cards that promote meaningful conversations and the best part is that there are no winners or losers. Let your TODO card guide the game play.

Choose from babies, couples, toddler and family edition. Each box has 30 activity cards. Read and do that activity and that is it! Each activity lasts from 20 minutes to an hour, so you can choose the best time of day that works to get together as a family. Older kids can help younger kids with their cards and parents, friends and teens can bond over the family edition.

For example, our first toddler card I pulled had an activity called, The Great Outdoors. It asked us to take a walk in a nearby garden or park and collect various items. We were to collect 12 items in total and come home and use large paper and glue to create a live collage with our items. The advance option had us pasting and labeling items. This can easily be done for the younger kids with the older kids or parents help. Shop the TODO card games online and start connecting as a family!

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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is based off of its New York Times Bestselling book written by Dr. Meg Meeker about a successful businessman whose daughter decides to marry a missionary. Dad and daughter (Abby) had dreams of working together once she graduated business school, but she took a missionary trip, fell in love and her plans changed. Dad suddenly feels like he has been replaced by her new fiance (Oz) and has a very hard time letting her go! She has plans to leave on a 3 year mission in another country after marrying Oz, rather than taking the job with her Father. Meanwhile, Dad has 2 other daughters he loves and perhaps should get to know better and prepare for them to grow and leave home as well. This relatable film is a must-see for Dads and daughters!

We learn that parenting is about allowing your children to discover their own gifts and own path in life by seeing past your own expectations! Watch Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters on Pure Flix starting August 1st!

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