Discover Holiday Magic With Mr. Christmas as they turn 90 years old

From indoor Christmas decor to outdoor displays, Mr. Christmas is still bringing you the vintage and animated decor you are in need of. I have such a mix of modern and classic decor around my home and one of my favorite ways to display the classics are outdoors and in my village inside. Mr. Christmas turns 90 years old this year!

Shopping by collection is simple. For instance, click on Candles and you will find these 24″ outdoor battery-operated blow mold candles. They have the glitter and classic vibe I love acting like posts at the foot of my front walkway. The flame even flickers!

One thing that you can do with decor is gift it. My Mom has always gifted us a piece of Holiday decor at Thanksgiving. This has helped me build my own home displays over the year. The gifts at Mr. Christmas are timeless such as vintage houses and figurines. Shop Mr. Christmas today to keep building your Holiday decor collections.


Magnolia Soap & Bath Co hand poured, soy wax dough bowl candles

Candles are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Burning a candle with a clean scent is my reward after cleaning a space in my home. I love having candles out for ambiance so having different vessels shapes and colors is something I make sure I have on hand. I am in love with my Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. hand poured, soy wax dough bowl candles. When it arrived, it looked even better than I thought.

Magnolia Soap & Bath Co has many shapes and sized of candles such as pumpkin bowls and hearts. I love my small dough bowl and it is not small in the sense of typical candles. The small dough bowl candle measures 10″x6″ and has 3 wicks. The scents are so pleasant.

You can easily find a candle to match your decor in any given space. The white bowl I have goes very well on my entertainment center in my living room. It burns up to 30 hours and I follow their directions of burning for no more than 4 hours. I just love how these my dough bowl candle looks during a burn in its space.

If you have sensitive skin, you know that even candles can release irritating scents and checmicals that can irritate the skin or cause dryness. Magnolia Soap & Bath Co soaps are plant-based and domestically sourced, naturally grown ingredients from a family-owned company. These make gorgeous gifts, so shop today for candles and even laundry products!


When Is the Best Time to Buy a Washington Phone Plan?

Photo by Megan Lee on Unsplash

Shopping for a phone plan can be a complicated process. Many factors determine your best plan, including providers, phone prices, and network perks.

There are also several times of the year when carriers offer big discounts on phone plans and phones. Keep reading to learn more about when to buy a new plan.

Black Friday

Whether upgrading to a new phone or signing up for affordable Washington local phone plans, the best time to buy is often Black Friday. This shopping bonanza takes place the day after Thanksgiving and offers many deals on electronics and phones, including unlimited data plans with a free device.

Alternatively, you can find great smartphone deals during the preorder period or after the newest models are announced. It’s also possible to save on older devices if you wait a month until stores clear out their inventory.

Smaller carriers that offer flexible phone plans are another good bet for Black Friday deals. These providers typically offer short-term contract options cheaper than traditional two-year plans. They can also be more flexible regarding coverage area and data allowances to fit your needs.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day may be over (it ends tonight), but a few deals are still available for last-minute shoppers. Amazon’s two-day mega sale is like a second, warmer Black Friday for Prime members (and some non-members).

This year’s Prime Day saw some of the best phone discounts of the summer. Unless you’re looking for a specific model, most deals will run out fast—especially for older iPhone models. But don’t panic if your desired device is sold out: Amazon usually restocks most of its sales quickly.

The company is also planning a second sale for Prime members this fall. The new event will be called “Prime Big Deal Days.” It will occur in 19 countries this October and is expected to follow a similar format as Prime Day.

New Phone Releases

The newest models of phones usually come out in the fall and spring. When new models are released, the previous versions see a dramatic price drop. That’s an excellent time to pick up an older phone, especially if you want a low upfront cost.

Some providers offer 24-month installment plans that divide the cost of a phone into monthly payments. That’s a solid option for people who like to replace their phones often or those with credit issues.

It’s also possible to get significant smartphone discounts by using a trade-in. You can find the best trade-in prices around a new phone release or during Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. In addition, many networks offer family plan deals that let you add additional lines at discounted rates. That’s a great deal for busy families with multiple device users. This option can be beneficial if your children need their own devices for school or extracurricular activities.

Big Sales Events

The major carriers also hold big sales events yearly to help customers save money on new devices and plans. These often require adding a new line or switching carriers but can still be worth the effort for anyone looking to get into a better phone at a much more affordable price point.

These special sales events are tied to a device-plan combo or a carrier trade-in program. We also see a sales offer, which gives you an older phone for free when you purchase a plan at the company.

It used to be that switching carriers was a big hassle, requiring exorbitant activation fees and trips to the store. However, changing providers is much easier, thanks to modern cellular plans and apps. And the best time to do so is during a big sales event.


The Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Adams

The Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Adams

You know Jennifer Adams from her luxury sleep and bath products and her Natural Coconut Wax Candles add even more luxury to the ambience of any room. The glass jars and simple labels are a modern look and the scents are amazing. I am burning the Rejuvenate candle – green tea, lemon and jasmine.

Burning a candle made of coconut wax means you have a wax base that is odorless and colorless. Adding your fragrances means you get only those particular scents. It is non-toxic and clean-burning and it burns a long time-up to 55 hours!

Choose from 5 scents

  • Embrace: Scents of Siberian Fir, Cinnamon Bark, and Golden Raspberry
  • Lux: Scents of Coconut Milk, Sandalwood, and Amber
  • Encounters: Scents of Santal, Leather, and Vanilla
  • Rejuvenate: Scents of Green Tea, Lemon, and Jasmine
  • Restore: Scents of Lavender, Thyme, and Cedarwood

Keep the Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Admas in mind for fall and winter. They make great Holiday gifts and are available at Jennifer Adams‘ shop.