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Save this weekend with your must- haves for your summer car build #EcklersSummer

If there is one thing that gets me into the summer spirit, it is classic cars on the road and clean and waxed paint. In Seattle, we finally had some summer weather and there were so many car shows and bike outings and these beautiful vehicles were on all of our roads. To get these cars ready, especially the classics, Eckler’s has ways to save on part you will need for your car build.

For over 50 years, Eckler’s Automotive & Restoration Parts has provided the highest quality products at competitive prices. They have the small parts for a single job or the complete package for major car projects. It is so easy to find parts in their online shop by makes and models.

Right now you can save with a few specials. They have slashed prices on many products by up to 50%. Their promo sale is 20% off orders of over $139 with code: S20J4SS. Last, orders over $99 ship free (US only on standard shipment sizes/weights) that expires July 12, 2022. Shop Eckler’s now and get that car ready for the sun show!


Things to remember before selling your home

Things to remember before selling your home
Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

It’s never easy to get your home ready for a sale. Chances are there’s enough on your plate already without having to deal with the endless questions and concerns that come with selling a place.

Whatsmore, whether it’s condos in Colorado to houses for sale in Houston, each market is different and needs to be catered to on an individual basis. That’s why it’s important to remember the following things before you get that house up for sale to ensure your future is smooth sailing and stress-free. 

Realtors are on your side

Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents are on your side. They’re under an oath to serve you to the best of their ability. Now, doing this may sometimes mean that they’ll have to tell you things that you don’t want to hear, but nevertheless, everything your realtor does is for the benefit of your specific goals. 

Are you still concerned about working with a real estate agent? Look into reputable companies with a proven track record of delivering client satisfaction. 

Keep your prices realistic 

The price of your house is going to always reflect the current market at the time it has been put on sale. And while no one expects you to lowball yourself out of a good offer, it’s important to keep your listing prices competitive and realistic. 

Once people find your home and view it, the offers will increase over time. Just don’t aim too high from the start and scare off buyers. 

Curb appeal is real 

Everyone makes a judgment based on a first impression. It’s just human nature. And your home is no exception. Put some effort into trimming that lawn, painting that fence, and washing the exterior of your house. Plant a few colorful flowers and entice buyers in by winning them over from that first glance. 

Small touches make viewings more memorable 

Once you’ve cleaned and polished the house up and down, it’s time to add a few small flourishes to your home viewings with some tried and tested tactics to draw buyers in.

If you have a fireplace, get it burning and let people enjoy the soft glow and crackle of wood. Set up the dinner table to look like a family meal is about to happen. Fill the kitchen with the smell of fresh muffins. 

Remove personal items 

Now that you’ve made the house feel cozy and lived in, it’s time to remove all personal aspects of you that are on display. This is a pivotal part of the selling process and offers the buyer a blank canvas on which they’ll begin to picture themselves. 

Consider the buyer’s point of view 

If you take away one thing from this, it’s essential that you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and remove any emotion or sentimentality from the situation. Remember that this is a buyer and seller relationship and nothing more. 

Keep the buyer’s wants and needs at the forefront of each decision you make, and you’ll soon be selling your home and making the next chapter in your life a reality.


Frost Buddy Universal, 5-in-1 can cooler can is a summer must-have

Frost Buddy universal, 5-in-1 can cooler can is a summer must-have

As I get the trailer ready for some upcoming camping trips, I am adding some useful items inside that I took note about after last year’s trips. I added more color to our room in the trailer, some more hooks in the bathroom for towels and some drink ware that was not disposable because I felt so wasteful with all the trash we created throwing away plates and cups. One of these additions is my Frost Buddy Universal because keeping my drinks cold is so hard outdoors in the summer.

Frost Buddy

As the photo above shows, this one can cooler fits 16 oz cans, bottles and 12 oz cans, slim cans, bottles or acts alone as a 16 oz tumbler. It actually fits many other beverages, so see the full list here. You utilize a removable insert tube and top ring to create the fit you need. I did a mountain check after sitting out on a hot evening and my mountains are still blue.

keep drinks cold

The double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps drinks cold for up to 12+ hours. The bottom is a non-skid silicone and it is dishwasher safe. There are so many fun colors and designs. Frost Buddy Universal, 5-in-1 can cooler can is a summer must-have!


Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights make your walkways safer

Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights for safer walkways (Promo Code)

Our front path to our door has turns and multiple low steps. Without proper lighting, you can easily trip and hurt yourself on concrete. I have cycled a few lights from corded to spotlights and solar. The cord was awkward because I could only fit 2 in a space. Spotlights just are not aesthetically pleasing and my last solar lights just did not get very bright. Then I had the chance to try the Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights and I have actually received compliments on their brightness and I have yet to use the level 2 brightness. I only keep them at the first level to get longer light in the night.

Besides being available on Amazon, the other convenience is that they are solar powered. Our darker, grey Pacific Northwest Days don’t seem to fade its charging capabilities. They also arrive with a feel of quality. I look at ones on retailers shelves and they just feel cheap and flimsy. The Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights are sturdy and are well dug into the ground with the included stakes.

The 24 super-bright LEDs and unique optical lens design allow these lights to shine much brighter than other similar lights. They come with stakes for the ground or screws to wall mount to your outdoor walls or fences. They are waterproof and will do just fine in rain or snow. The 120° lighting angle is brighter, with a wider angle than other lights. These really are brighter with a wider range. I plan on getting another set for the backyard!

You can save! I have an Amazon promo code that will save you 10% off of these exact lights. Use code: S6V386QC and this does not expire until the end of 2026! The 6 packs runs $49.99 and right now there is a $5 coupon and you can still use my 10% off on top of that! Shop now!