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4 Ways to Express Your Creativity & Uncover Your Inner Artist

4 Ways to Express Your Creativity & Uncover Your Inner Artist

Albert Einstein said “knowledge is limited, imagination is endless.” That’s because the genius knew that creativity and artistry are an important part of our world and who we are as human beings. We’re all born with some level of creativity, and we can apply it in so many avenues in our lives. 

Creativity is at the core of the things we marvel at in this world. From beautiful songs and sculptures, to couture gowns and good movies, our society is a deep pool of artistry, and we can all tap into it. 

Art isn’t just drawing, photography, painting, music or fashion design. There are so many ways to express your creativity and turn your artistic streak into something tangible. If you’re willing to explore your own inner artist, you’ll be surprised at what your own imagination can come up with. 

Here are some ways you can use your creative skills to bring a little more joy into the world and uncover your inner Artist.

Digital Art

With so much of our lives existing in the digital space, it’s no surprise that creativity has sprouted there as well. Some of the most talented artists in our world make their creations on computers and tablets. Using tools like Adobe Illustrator, people with a digital skillset can craft something on a screen and create eye-catching, striking and beautiful works of art. If you want to nurture this skill, getting in that kind of software will help tremendously, along with a digital printer and Epson pigment ink so that those great creations can get framed and put up because it truly is art!

Alternatively, your digital art can also become the backgrounds and wallpapers on people’s phones. Some people have even mastered the art of creating the designs that end up on fabric prints! This skill can also be applied to motion graphics which are used in advertising, YouTube videos and in the movies. Tapping into a digital creative skill is relevant and incredibly valuable. 


Some people are really good with words and coming up with really memorable ways of expressing something in written form. Writing is one of the most treasured of creative abilities because it combines so many things. It’s art but it’s also communication and self-expression. Fiction writing isn’t the only way to nurture the craft, non-fiction can be just as powerful a medium of writing that someone might want to explore. 

There are many ways to nurture a writing ability – you can read books to expand your vocabulary and take part in writing prompt challenges to get creative juices flowing. The most important thing is falling in love with the process and practice of writing so that you can do it regularly and frequently. If you make it a habit to write, you’ll be able to find your voice, refine your skill and maybe even start working on a blog or a book. 

DIY & Crafting 

Did you know that sites like Pinterest, YouTube and instagram have thriving DIY and crafting communities? That’s because this creative ability brings together art, creativity, design, upcycling and sometimes skills like carpentry. A person with a knack for crafting and DIY, can look at an old basket, and hack how to turn it into a beautiful pendant light. Where other people see an old and worn piece of furniture, they see potential which can be fulfilled with sandpaper, paint, and a little elbow grease. DIY and crafting have become incredibly popular because they can be applied in so many different ways. The possibilities of what you create are endless, and your skills will continue to grow until you can possibly build a small piece of furniture!

Decor and Design 

Some of the world’s most talented creatives spend their time making homes and rooms beautiful. Interior decorating is one of the greatest creative abilities because you actually have a hand in making people’s homes and spaces a joy to spend time in. This is the process of styling a home, setting a vision and mood for the feel each room should have, choosing pieces of furniture along with the accessories and decor elements like rugs, window treatments, artwork and other elements. Nurturing this skill is easy. Try your hand at redecorating an area of your home, and keep doing more projects to continue coming up with new ideas. 

We all have access to creativity, and we are all artists in our own right. When we find the creative pursuit that lights us up, the possibilities are endless. We’re also lucky enough to live in a time where we can learn more about our artistry. On sites like Skillshare, there are tons of courses online on creativity; from learning how to edit your own videos to writing more effectively, and even styling a room to make it look better. Don’t be afraid to tap into your own artistry – through creativity, you can do your own part to make this world more beautiful and inspiring. 

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Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

When I was younger and had an upset stomach it was always soup and ginger ale to the rescue. The bubbles and broth did something magical to soothe your stomach and has been a go-to for many households for decades. Now that I am a parent myself I read labels and wonder just how a glass or sugary soda was always the right call? I mean, I felt it worked but was there something better?

Then I discovered SOOV, the stomach calming drink. Now there was an option with a lot less sugar and they actually used REAL ginger along with aloe, lemon, mint and chamomile.

SOOV drinks

This feel good drink in a can is great for kids and adults to soothe an upset stomach. However, as a bonus, it can also make a great alternative to sugary sodas as a mixer. The added benefit of the real ingredients can help your cocktail be a bit easier on the stomach. I just add some to a favorite liquor when I need a nightcap or have company.

SOOV cocktails

SOOV has only 6 grams of sugar and you won’t find artificial ingredients, GMO and it is gluten-free. The label? That’s easy and you will recognize every ingredient – water, ginger juice, aloe vera juice, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, mint extract and chamomile extract. Just about 1 1/2 tsp of sugar per can is much better than the almost 9 tsp of sugar in a can of similar sodas. Also, sodas are not including real ginger in the ingredients.

SOOV stomach soothing

Enjoy SOOV as a gentle mixer, stomach ache soother or as a digestive aid after a big meal. You’ll want to have these on hand, especially if you suffer with digestive disorders. My 12 year old has inflammatory, digestive problems and these are fantastic to have on hand. At under $3.50 a can (in the 12 pack) he can affordably trade out a digestive aid/enzyme drug for a can of SOOV and they taste great to him!

Visit SOOV to order a case and keep on hand in your fridge!

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Toric Colored Contacts Guide: How to Choose Color Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Toric Colored Contacts Guide:  How to Choose Color Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

The senses naturally serve people to fully experience the world that surrounds them. They can see, touch, smell, and then react to every sensation they feel. The brain processes everything they perceive through the senses as information that needs to be interpreted in a certain way.

Precisely because of their importance, the eyes are very sophisticated organs. But they are not resistant to diseases. Some of them can be hereditary; others can occur during the early period of life. Finally, the development of certain conditions can be influenced by some bad habits.

Astigmatism is the condition where an eye doesn’t properly focus light. When the cornea is not evenly shaped, light refracts incorrectly, resulting in blurred vision. This disorder can be put under control so that the patient can have a perfectly normal life. More on astigmatism, read here.

Is Astigmatism Curable?

People with astigmatism have trouble seeing objects near and far. They can’t recognize the shapes and details of things they look at. It happens when the front surface of the eye, the cornea, has an irregular curvature. Due to corneal scarring, eye muscle tone, or the tissue structure, the light reflects in the wrong way, causing nearsightedness or farsightedness.

In most cases, the treatment of this disease is done with glasses. These aids are the cheapest solution for astigmatism, but they are not suitable in any case. Sometimes they can even worsen the condition. But it’s good to know that glasses are not the only solution for astigmatism.

Another popular way to correct astigmatism is with the use of contact lenses. Many people are comfortable using these visual aids. They don’t cause a sense of burden (like glasses) or any scarring on the face or around the cornea. Besides, contacts are considered a less intensive procedure, which means they’re less expensive.

Suppose the aesthetic effect matters to you, and you don’t have a limited budget. In that case, you should think of an innovative procedure that will correct your vision. It’s called the implantation of specialized toric lenses.

About Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses take the place of the natural lens in the eye and take over its function. The procedure is routine, and it lasts only 10-15 minutes. It’s completely painless and comfortable as it’s performed under local anesthesia, usually with eye drops. The percentage of vision correction is very high, which means that the patient no longer needs visual aids.

Contacts used in this procedure are cylindrical (with variable thickness at the edges). These contact lenses for astigmatism are designed to compensate for the corneal defect and correct the astigmatism axis: the more severe astigmatism, the more significant the difference in lens thickness at the edges.

The great thing about toric contacts is that they can be implanted in the nuance that the patient wants. In addition to corrective, they also have a cosmetic effect. They cost more than regular contacts, but the result they give can change your entire appearance.

Choosing Color of Lenses

A couple of years ago, toric colored contacts became a thing. Until then, you could only buy cosmetic lenses without any corrective feature. Today, the market for these corrective aids is growing day by day, so you have a decent choice of toric contacts of different brands and in a variety of price ranges.

There are only a few eye colors in the world, but with a large number of tones that can give each eye a different look. You can find lenses in several different shades of one color, as they differ in tonality, opacity, the presence of a black ring, etc. 

Since the choice of contacts’ color is a matter of personal preference, there is almost no wrong choice. If you follow the trends, you will opt for bold shades like gray, purple, or turquoise. But if you want a natural look, you need lenses that naturally emphasize pupils.

Lenses for Pale Skin

People with fair skin have an almost unlimited choice since the pale complexion emphasizes every eye color. You can go with blue or gray if you have blonde or light brown hair and bright eyes. Keep in mind that toric lenses of lighter colors come in enhancement tint. They make the natural color of your pupils more vibrant and noticeable.

If you have a light complexion and a darker hair color, you can also use bright colors, but dark blue or dark-brown will look more natural. Gray or dark-green contacts with opaque tint are particularly dazzling, as they will change the iris’s appearance.

Best Colors for Medium Complexion

Skin with caramel undertones is an ideal ‘base’ for those who want green eyes. Since this eye color is the least represented, whatever shade of green you choose, you can be one of the few (no one will know you’re wearing lenses). If you have light hair, make a slight contrast with emerald contacts. Dark-haired people can experiment with greenish-gray shades.

Hazel, honey, dark gray, and all brown nuances will also suit you perfectly, regardless of hair color. You can emphasize neutral lens colors with an eye shadow that differs from the lens color in a few shades. Perhaps the only recommendation is not to choose too light shades of blue like turquoise, but to opt for sapphire or navy.

Dark Skin Tone

If you have a dark complexion, you can’t go wrong with almost any color, depending on what effect they want to achieve. Still, avoid loud colors such as light purple or turquoise due to too much contrast. For a natural look, any warm shade will do. To get a bit out of the edge, you can opt for turquoise, violet, or light brown.

The eyes are giving the brain more information about the environment than all the other senses combined. Visual perception itself gives you the ability to understand what you’ve seen. And with colored contact lenses, you can see the world around you at its best.

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Encourage Hand Washing with Splatz Natural Hand Soap Bubbles

Encourage Hand Washing with Splatz Natural Hand Soap Bubbles

If you have had hand washing battles with the kids and now you have to do hand checks to make real sure they really washed their hands correctly (especially in these times) how about making the task more fun for them? Maybe that will get those germ grabbers clean for once with Splatz hand soap bubbles that will encourage hand washing!

Inside is a ‘basket’ of bubbles. They are in this basket so that grabbing one out of the jar is simple. Each ‘bubble’ is filled with a natural hand soap that is also eco-friendly. The soap is made without: Parabens, BHT, synthetic dyes, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances.

Simply grab one bubble and give it a ‘SPLATZ’ and once it bursts open there is soap to wash with. There is a casing my son just tosses in the garbage beside the sink but it is safe for the environment if it ends up washing down the drain.

Splatz is made in the US (Massachusetts) and was developed by Harvard/MIT scientists. It was designed with kids in mind so that they learn good hygiene skills.

Splatz by One Fun is available to order. They make fun stocking stuffers too!