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Cushion support for your back and feet from Cushion Lab

Cushion support for your back and feet from Cushion Lab
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The difference in a good sleep and waking up in pain and stiff is my pillow choice. Just sitting or lying in an unnatural position can effect the comfort of many body parts from your neck, shoulders, back and hips. Finding the right pillow that offers cushion support and comfort is a tool to help keep sore or injured muscles a bit more pain-free.

Cushion Lab offers comfort-inducing products you will love. Their Bamboo Sateen+ Sheet Set offers a naturally cool comfort while maintaining moisture so you stay dry, cool, and odor-free as you sleep.

If cushions are your desire, the Cushion Lab Pressure Relief (Ergonomic) Seat Cushion is a memory foam, contoured cushion you sit on to relieve hip pressure and improve your posture. No matter what pillow, cushion or sleep product you need, Cushion Lab offers quality and functional products.

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ReadySlim Keto-Friendly Cleansing Teas Helps you Reset your Health

ReadySlim Keto-Friendly Cleansing Teas Helps you Reset your Health
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The year has felt like a long decade! So much crazy packed into a few months and I am exhausted. Not a bad exhausted, just a busy time in life. I started a new full time job at the High School this year and while coming off Covid breaks, it has been a tad insane with the kids back and adjusting to a new normal. We have learned to be resilient, flexible, patient and willing to re-adapt. I have done a lot to focus on my health and keep my energy level where I need it. I fell in love with strength training because lifting heavy helps me release energy at the end of a busy day. But, I needed more.

With busy weeks I have never eaten out so much and I began to feel bloated and I could not get desirable results with my fitness. Like they say, you can’t out-train the fork. Diet has everything to do with seeing change in my body that exercise alone cannot handle. First, I needed a gut reset.

ReadySlim cleansing teas was the system I needed to reset my health from the inside. It is keto-friendly so I do not have to worry about falling off track with my diet. I am not a KETO dieter, but I do macro counting and just have it down now to what is clean and healthy to eat and what adds up. So, if I was to start a cleanse that I do each day, sometimes twice a day, I did not want to choose teas that are taking up calorie and carb counts in my diet.

Wakey Wakey tea

Why ReadySlim?

I gave you reason #1, the ingredients keep me within the macros I want. There are several more reasons ReadySlim can work for you. It tastes great! I tend to want to add honey or sweetness to many teas and I add nothing to my ReadySlim teas. They both taste great as is.

ReadySlim works day and night. Start your morning off with a cup of Wakey Wakey. It is a great tea to boost your metabolism in the morning and helps to make you feel fuller longer. Wakey Wakey tea is made with a blend of 8 organic and metabolism-boosting herbs. Together they work on your metabolism as well as help reduce bloating and give you a morning energy boost. You get 28 tea bags in each package.

In the evening you can end your day with the Snoozy tea. I am so in love with ending my busiest days with this caffeine-free cleansing tea. It is made with a blend of 9 organic and sleep-inducing herbs that help you stay asleep when you fall asleep. It really works wonders. It works overnight to reduce bloating, reduce water retention, and boost digestion. Wake up ready to start your day. You get 14 tea bags in each package.

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How I use ReadySlim

I use my ReadySlim as a 30 day cleanse (well 28 to be exact). It is so gentle and great I can keep going with more when I am done. I wake up to my Wakey Wakey tea every morning. I just make it in my to-go tumbler and take it with me out the door to work. On very hectic days, I have a Snoozy tea. About every 2-3 nights I crave the night tea to fall asleep easier.

So far, I am left feeling lighter with a great energy in my mornings and such great rest on the nights I have the Snoozy cleansing tea. Sticking with it and creating a habit is key. Add in proper nutrition in your day and exercise into your week and you will feel a reset and change you desire! Order your ReadySlim tea bundle and get started on reseting your health and gut for the better.

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Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager

Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Massager

If you are not experienced with using a message gun then there are a few benefits you be unaware of in having such a recovery tool. If you have ever been to a Physical Therapist, perhaps they have used a percussive message gun, but do you understand the real benefits? Better than just a head that massages skin for recovery and blood circulation, the right massage gun gets very deep into the tissue and is known as percussion therapy. A therapist can get deep into your tissue with their techniques, but by having a percussion massager, you can take that up a notch and you can continue that therapy at home to speed up your recovery.

Ekrin B37

Percussion and massage guns are not just a tool to use with injuries alongside PT, they can be used as a way to provide stress relief, is know to help release dopamine and serotonin in the body and improve blood circulation once you get the hang of using the gun. The Ekrin B37 is a percussion massage gun.

There are 5 settings and at its highest setting can release up to 56lbs of pressure. The 15 degree ergonomic handle helps you reach more places on your body. This massager is very quiet as well. You get 5 different attachments to really target all the right spots on your body. The flat head is great for anywhere you need to target, the bullet head is for that pinpoint target such as your hands, feet and releasing knots and tension, the round foam head is great for your large muscles and the fork is for your neck and spine.

Percussion Massager

With the 5 settings you get high speeds for your muscle warm up and the lower speeds for recovery. I have seen such a great impact on recovery after high intensity training using the B37. Whether you need stress relief or are an athlete needing to recover better these Ekrin products are at the top of my favorite brand list for such tools. It is available at Amazon for fast delivery. Visit the Ekrin shop for more!

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What a Motorcycle Injury Attorney Can Do for You

Motorcycles are huge fun to ride. They’re exhilarating, can make you feel free, and offer new perspectives on the world. One major downside, though, is that they are more dangerous than cars. If you have been in an accident, you may need a motorcycle injury attorney.

To know for sure, take advantage of free consultations. You can go see the attorneys, or they can visit you in the hospital or at home. To emphasize, these consultations come at no charge to you. You get immediate opinions on whether you need a lawyer and what the nuances of your case might be. Meet with at least three attorneys to get a variety of opinions that reflect the whole picture. Now, here’s what these folks can do for you.

Allow You to Focus On Recovering

Recovering after a motorcycle crash can be difficult, even if your injuries are minor. You are likely dealing with lost income, medical expenses, and stress on many levels. It helps to know that your case is in the hands of someone capable who is taking care of the paperwork, gathering evidence, communicating with insurance companies, and much more.

In fact, once you enlist the aid of an attorney, insurance companies are required to contact that person, not you. That right there is a load of stress off your shoulders.

Advocate for You

Early on, motorcycle accident attorneys evaluate your case, for instance, calculating economic and non-economic damages. Examples of the latter include pain and suffering, while examples of the former include lost wages, future medical treatment, and current medical bills. This is essential so you know if insurance companies are offering you fair settlements.

Your attorneys advocate for you to ensure you are treated fairly, and they take your case all the way to trial if it becomes necessary. This can happen if the insurance company won’t settle or if your case is particularly complex. Most people do not have the legal experience nor the time or knowledge to effectively represent themselves.

Save You Money (and Get You Money!)

Many people don’t get an attorney because they think lawyers are too expensive. They don’t have the financial resources to pay for one, much less in the middle of recovering from an accident.

The good news is that most motorcycle injury attorneys work on contingency. That means they get paid from the settlement, judgment, or verdict. You pay nothing except perhaps filing fees or other types of fees (pay careful attention to the fee structure paperwork attorneys give you). In most cases, though, these fee expenses come later. Working on contingency gives attorneys more motivation to do right by you since they are financially invested as well.

Even if your case does not settle or receive a favorable verdict, attorneys tend to cover expenses themselves. Always clarify these points upfront before hiring someone.

As you can see, motorcycle injury attorneys have the potential to be valuable allies. It’s worth meeting with them to get an idea of the merits of your case.