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My favorite Amazon products for 2024

I recently found myself reading through ideas for gifts I could get over the Holidays. Some people are hard to shop for and I need ideas. Other times, I want something for myself and am stuck on what has the best, authentic reviews.

I do pair up with brands as a Blogger. Many times I am sent product so I can try it myself and the brand hopes I will share. I am very particular who I partner with. I want to find brands that I would truly consider myself. I want brands that align with my voice in my blog – natural products, makes life easy and quality products.

I decided to keep track of such products I would love to share with you because I love and use these products myself. Not every brand I work with may fit in this post. Below is a list I will keep going in 2024 whenever I fall in love with its use or have a great experience with the brand.

Lotus Bowl Bamboo Salad Set

Why I love this? I meal prep for work lunches and this bowl is actually big enough! It has a design that is not bulky at all, but gives a depth that allows my ingredients to mix well. Plus I seem to get compliments on it every time I use it places.

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Stur Natural Water Enhancers

Why I love this? It is my goal to drink more water, but I am just not motivated to drink water. I have found it much easier if I can add flavor, so I found Stur. There are no extra calories, no added sugars and are considered keto-friendly! A little goes a long way! P each is my favorite! I also use their electrolyte varieties.

Amazon Link

Aloederma 99% Aloe Vera

Why I love this? I have been stuck where I either burn myself in the sun or even cooking and have nothing on hand to relieve that burn. Aloderma has many aloe products ( I also use their Brightening Moisturizer) that contains aloe. This particular product is what you want on hand for sunburn relief- trust me!

Amazon Link

Mozy Wearable Blanket

Why I love this? OK- this might be my absolute new favorite. This blanket for my legs traps heat so well that I need more than one! I need one I keep for outdoor sports events, hiking, camping and even backyard get togethers. It stays on! You can even collect velcro patches to personalize your blanket!

Amazon Link

Burlap & Barrel Spices

Why I love this? I love to grill and I have tried so many spice brands. Sometimes I find a brand and notice that when I use their spices, I get better compliments on the meal. Burlap & Barrel brings me some of those best compliments. Their spices are so fresh and from the finest sources. My favorite – Black Lime & Chili Salt blend!

Amazon Link – exclusive deal – use code PARENTINGHEALTHY and get A FREE 1.8oz GRINDER-TOP JAR OF ROBUSTA BLACK PEPPERCORNS With Any Order Of $15 Or More! Add Peppercorns Grinder To Your Cart, Then Enter Code At Checkout!

Fit + Fresh Cooler Bags

I LOVE this bag. Not only is it large, with extra external storage but the hard liner is removable for easy cleaning and leak proof features! You will love these cooler bags for picnics, outdoor games and camping!

Amazon Link


Lynn & Liana Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly resin Baguette Board

One of my favorite servings is charcuterie and dessert is a great way to get creative on boards and save plates. Lynn & Liana Designs has gorgeous serving trays and cheese boards that are hand-poured and meticulously crafted individual works of art! What a better way to serve my Whiskey Fudge then on an Acacia Board that is stunning!

This board blends gorgeous Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly resin and is more beautiful that the pictures can serve when you receive it. It comes in a stunning black box for gifting. These baguette boards are perfect for serving a group of 3-5 people, unless you use it for small desserts where you can display more.

The size without the handle is 5″ x 19″ x 5/8″ and the handle adds 5″, so it is a great decor piece to stage when not in use in your kitchen or bar. You have 10 pattern choices- this one I have is Caribbean Blue. You can find marble, quartz, onyx designs and more.

Lynn & Liana Designs serve wear makes fantastic gifts and you can order on their website of via their Amazon shop.

Gift Guides

Two Words One Finger has hilarious gifts that will make you laugh

Two of my favorite gifts to give are thoughtful baskets and alcohol. I can never go wrong pleasing people with these gifts. While I am out shopping at the Holidays, I pick up witty and fun items I can include in gift baskets. Hilarious gifts like the ones I have found at Two Words One Finger also work great for gift exchanges and are sure to bring laughter. Let’s look at some of my favorites…

These cocktail napkins worked great at our work Holiday party. I work at a school and it is a bond year, so it was great timing to have some fun by placing these around the beverages for the evening. You can find other fun cocktail napkins like these to serve.

Who can’t relate to this Wine Tag? I placed this on a bottle of wine for a gift exchange to a party. Two Words One Finger has other tags like this to dress up your wine bottles as well as charms and bags!

This kitchen towel is fun to tuck in a gift basket. These are hand sewn and printed. I hope you have as much fun as I did looking through the kitchen towel options. These are hilarious. Shop Two Words One Finger today for all of your gifting needs.


The Non-Toxic and Self-Cleaning Fritaire Airfryer

On my list this year as one of the best gifts for the foodie on your list is this Fritaire! It is an airfryer, yet it also bakes, dehydrates and has a rotisserie as well. The features are unique to other air fryers I have owned, including my current airfryer oven.

The Fritaire comes in many fun colors. It is compact to fit in any space. However, my favorite feature is that it cleans itself! Well, you have to add the water and dish soap, but no scrubbing needed. I have done nothing more than rinse and dry! It has cooked every food I have tried flawlessly and the crispness left on breaded foods is so perfect. As compact as it is, it holds as much as my oven trays do in an airfryer oven.

The Fritaire includes a tumbling basket for fries and other foods that crisp best when tossed. The rotisserie roasts meats and veggies quickly. One more feature is that you can see your food at 360 degrees while it cooks! The bowl is clear and is the part that self cleans.

 Fritaire is also Teflon-free, plastic-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. Fritaire is sold at many retailers and makes a great gift for any kitchen, or with the compact design, you can use in your RV like I plan to next season! Visit Fritaire to learn more.