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How Do You See The World? Ice Breaker Card Game

How Do You See The World? Ice Breaker Card Game to Encourage Open Discussion

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: How Do You See The World Card Game

I have covered many toys, beauty products and gifts for the home in my gift guide and of all I have featured so far, this gift really intrigues me. Nothing is more important than communication and I really focus on that as a Mother to 3 boys and manage a High School kitchen. From work to family, starting a conversation or getting to know each other’s perspectives are bound to lead to successes. How Do We See The World? is a card game to challenge your perspective and get to know friends and family in a way you may never have before.

Our middle son is at College and I can’t think of a better social game than this. There are 100 cards with 5 questions in different categories. What category you choose to answer from depends on your roll of the dice. The 5 categories of questions are:

  1. Reflections with questions like, “What are your worst habits?”
  2. Relationships with questions like, “Describe your favorite or most impactful Teacher”
  3. Aspirations with questions like, “One thing I can do better is_______”
  4. Life’s Purpose with questions like, “Why do people fear failure?”
  5. Beliefs with questions like, “What makes you happy?”

Actually when I read some of these questions I can’t help but think about those impossible questions you are asked on work interviews. Aren’t those the worst, when you are asked to reflect on yourself and say your attributes on the spot? This game is great practice especially as you get to hear how others would answer similar questions.

Another thought I had was writing college application and scholarship letters? Just flipping through these cards is great inspiration to start talking about yourself as all 5 topics are exactly the 5 topics you’d want to discuss in such letters.

Let’s look at some more questions you will get to answer and hear answers from when playing with friends, family, co-workers, roommates, students, etc. or to prepare an your college essays and interview answers:

Buying How Do You See The World? Card Game

They are available on Amazon.

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Not Parent Approved: A Family-Friendly Card Game

I have partnered with Not Parent Approved for this feature

Not Parent Approved: A Family-Friendly Card Game

Let me start by saying that this card game is 100% family-friendly card game for ages 8+ (mainly 8 because independent reading skills is a must, not because it is inappropriate for under 8), but if you like Cards Against Humanity you will love playing this with your kids. Not Parent Approved is the clean version and same concept as the popular non-family-friendly card game.

not parent

Anthony is 10 and we have so many laughs playing this card game! Let’s take a look at some of the fun inside this little box

As you can see, you have a new ‘question reader’ each round and the rest of the players choose from their stack of answer cards the best fit to fill in the question card blank. The one choosing the best answer may choose on any condition. You can choose an answer because it is the best fit or maybe it made everyone laugh the most or because you felt like choosing the most random answer. It’s the callers call! If your answer card is chosen then you keep the blue question card as your point. The player with the most blue cards at the end of them is the winner. This means their red answers were chosen most often in the game and therefore had the best responses.

family card game

Not Parent Approved is the winner of Scholastic’s Gold Star Toy Award. A multiple award-winning party game for tweens, young teens and their families (4-10 players, ages 8+). It comes with 455 durable, premium-printed cards (2″x3″) and rules insert in a custom shrink-wrapped box. Expansion Pack #1, Expansion Pack #2 and Expansion Pack BLANK sold separately.

Available on Amazon and make sure you visit their website and follow Not Parent Approved on Facebook.

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Family Game Night – Break Free and Safe Breaker

This feature is in partnership with YULU Toys

Family Game Night - Break Free and Safe Breaker

When was your last family game night? I remember when my son was younger and we introduced him to board games. He was so enamored and we played games so often with him. Now he is 9 and the games he wants to play involve video controllers. I want to take game nights back and so I needed a strategy…literally. He likes strategy video games so I needed strategy board games. YULU Toys sent me Break Free and Safe Breaker and our game night happened again.

Break Free is so simple yet addicting. First you insert a maze into the main cuff area then everyone puts a handcuff on. Now it is a race to solve the maze in a series of tweaks and turns and whomever solves it first breaks free.

Safe Breaker is similar yet different in that you have a safe instead of handcuffs and you solve number clues and race to not get caught instead of a physical maze. This is strategy in a few versions for a variety in you family game nights.

Break Free and Safe Breaker are part of the Spy Code games series. Take the #BreakFreeChallenge and record and share your race to escape on social media.

Tip: you can come up with different challenges each round, like playing blindfolded or race to escape after a series of relay races, making the game an endless amount of unpredictable and creative fun! Available on Amazon and Target stores.

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Become a Scientist with Dr Beaker from Blue Orange Games

This feature is in partnership with Blue Orange Games


Blue Orange Games has long been a favorite game brand in my home. The games are fun and engaging all while creating a learning environment especially with games of strategy, critical thinking and judgement. Here is a new game called Dr. Beaker.


Dr Beaker will bring out the beaker-stirring Scientist in your child. Your beaker is full of ‘molecules’ and it rotates on a turn table inside the beaker. The challenge is to pick a challenge card and with only the stir stick, you have to move the molecules into the same order on the challenge card. It is harder than it looks.

Skills involved:


  • Visual Perception
  • Focus & Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Fine Motor
  • Processing Speed

Visit Blue Orange Games and for the complete line of games. The newer games have the NEW logo attached. You can find these games at many retailers including Amazon. Think end of summer learning! This is a great way to introduce science.