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EXIT The Game brings the escape room experience to your home (ages 10+)

Comment: I was sent these games. Thank you to Thames & Kosmos for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

EXIT: The Game brings the escape room experience to your home

Have you ever experienced an escape room event? If you have teens and need a party gathering idea, I challenge you to try an actual escape room. Its puzzles and riddles that get you out of the rooms and the faster you solve them the faster you move to the Exit. EXIT The Game are games for ages 10+ (depending on the version as some are 12+ and 16+). These bring the escape room to your home!

EXIT The Game

Anthony is 12 and we first learned about EXIT The Game from Thames and Kosmos when we visited Sweet Suite Toy Fair in NYC a few years back. Anthony was a tad young, had never experienced an escape room but I thought these looked so fun. Now he is a few years older and I finally got my hands on a few to try.

Once we realized how to solve page 1 riddle we began to make more sense and moved through the rest – yes, we had to use all 3 hint cards but this was our first attempt. We played House of Riddles rated for his age and it was challenging, a good thing! See how hard he is contemplating below…

escape room game

I have not dug into The Catacombs of Horror as that is an expert level ages 16+ but we will graduate to that soon enough. The riddles are fun and perhaps there is a bit of a theme to the set of riddles as you turn each page.

The instruction booklet worked well for us, but the best way to learn to play EXIT The Game is to download the Kosmos Helper App. In the app, you can find animated explanations of the instructions and other helpful features for a selection of Kosmos games. Available on iOS and Android devices,

EXIT game rules

This is such a great sleepover game for tweens and teens. If you like challenging games and to witness your older child’s level of problem solving the family game nights will surely be fun and challenged with any of the EXIT The Game sets. Available from Thames & Kosmos as well as retailers such as Amazon.

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Name 5 and Everybody Knows! – 2 Games from Endless Games

Comment: I was sent product. Opinions are 100% my own

Name 5 and Everybody Knows! - 2 Games from Endless Games

Name 5 sports in the Winter Olympics – Go! You have 30 seconds. 30 seconds is not a long time when the answers don’t just come to you. Don’t get tongue tied because that will cost you time. Name 5 is a fun, rapid card game that is great for travel, camping or fun game nights when you don’t want to drag out a bunch of game pieces.

Name 5 has 108 Name 5 Cards (540 New Challenges!) and Instructions. That’s it! It is ready to play right from the box and just keep the card if you win to keep track of rounds. You can play as many rounds as you like. We have fun playing without keeping track of a winner so we can use the rest of the cards categories for the game. This is new from Endless Games and available on Amazon.

Wait! Did you actually want a board game? Name 5 has a board game too! My Amazon link above gets you both versions.

Don’t be such a know-it-all! In Everybody Knows! you may know it all, but know 10 questions in 60 seconds? That’s the challenge. This is another rapid game where you have to answer as many random questions in a row – how many can you get without answering wrong? That number is your score.


  • 500 Playing Cards
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • 1 Scorecard
  • Instructions

Play as a point system or as an all or nothing score. You can choose how to play this game. Either way it is serious brain exercise! Everybody Knows! is also available on Amazon. Visit Endless Games for more great gift ideas!

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Front Porch Classics Tabletop Shuffleboard

A few months ago we went to a relatives birthday party at a local gathering spot that was an old school turned hotel and restaurant row. In the main pub we ate at there were table games of darts and shuffleboard. It was where everyone gathered. First the kids gravitated to it as it was in the family dining area and then everyone was taking turns with rounds of Shuffleboard.

At home here we keep our shuffleboard as the “centerpiece” of the game room coffee table and it always gets played with. Neighbor kids gravitate to it all the time. How fun to see 10 year olds taking on a game of shuffleboard with heir video game remotes tossed aside?!

Anthony wanted to share a video with you that we titled, How to Score a Game of Shuffleboard. This will let you see a full round and how to score that round.

With this shuffleboard, Front Porch Classics brings pub-style shuffleboard home with this realistic, high quality, wooden table top version. It is a 2-piece board that fits well together and has adjustable legs to get the board nice and even on your surface for an even game.

This game ends when the first person reaches 15 points to be the champion. If you are a skilled shuffleboard player a full game can end in as little as 2-3 rounds, but the average I would imagine is about 5-6 rounds. A round is each of the 2 players sliding their 4 colored pucks as far down as possible without falling into the gutter of the board.

You can get your own Front Porch Classics Shuffleboard at Amazon!

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Not Parent Approved: A Family-Friendly Card Game

I have partnered with Not Parent Approved for this feature

Not Parent Approved: A Family-Friendly Card Game

Let me start by saying that this card game is 100% family-friendly card game for ages 8+ (mainly 8 because independent reading skills is a must, not because it is inappropriate for under 8), but if you like Cards Against Humanity you will love playing this with your kids. Not Parent Approved is the clean version and same concept as the popular non-family-friendly card game.

not parent

Anthony is 10 and we have so many laughs playing this card game! Let’s take a look at some of the fun inside this little box

As you can see, you have a new ‘question reader’ each round and the rest of the players choose from their stack of answer cards the best fit to fill in the question card blank. The one choosing the best answer may choose on any condition. You can choose an answer because it is the best fit or maybe it made everyone laugh the most or because you felt like choosing the most random answer. It’s the callers call! If your answer card is chosen then you keep the blue question card as your point. The player with the most blue cards at the end of them is the winner. This means their red answers were chosen most often in the game and therefore had the best responses.

family card game

Not Parent Approved is the winner of Scholastic’s Gold Star Toy Award. A multiple award-winning party game for tweens, young teens and their families (4-10 players, ages 8+). It comes with 455 durable, premium-printed cards (2″x3″) and rules insert in a custom shrink-wrapped box. Expansion Pack #1, Expansion Pack #2 and Expansion Pack BLANK sold separately.

Available on Amazon and make sure you visit their website and follow Not Parent Approved on Facebook.