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Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Not all olive oils are the same. The quality makes all the difference in taste and the finish of the food. The fruity, peppery oils are for drizzling on salads and desserts. The delicate, aged oils are best for searing and cooking with. Heraclea will transform what you know olive oil is to be if you are used to standard grocery store bottles.

Their olives are grown in ways that promote soil health, passing on their full benefits to you. These benefits include antioxidant effects, healthy fats for heart health and a healthy dose of vitamin E. Heraclea is an award-winning oil that has combined ancient olive cultivation methods with modern and sustainable production techniques. You will taste the difference.

With Father’s Day and summer cookouts approaching, this olive oil is available in a gift box to make it a great gift for cooks and grillers. I have come to truly appreciate different quality oils as a griller and Heraclea is a new favorite for finishing and searing! Visit Heraclea to order your Father’s Day gift today!

Natural Foods has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go

Three generations ago, this brand was born to bring fresh-roasted nuts to consumers. Today, they still roast the nuts and pop their corn on the same day it ships. This is why is where I order my snacks for home and the office.

One of my favorite orders to make is from their single-serve packs. It is so easy to toss them in my lunch and grab up the right serving size every time. I first discovered the brand on a flight to Los Angeles. We were given plane snacks and got a single serve pack of salted cashews. They were delicious and I looked to see what they were flavored with and they were simply, salted. The taste was so fresh and I looked at the stamp and saw I immediately started browsing their website that night at our hotel and found myself ordering a few packages.

The CB& J is a new favorite of mine! Whether I need a snack on the go or an afternoon treat- the sweet and salty mix is so delicious. Find nuts, dried fruit, superfood powders and sweets to have on hand. The big bags are sharable or great for snack dishes and charcuteries when guests come over. The single-serve come with just the right snack portions. Visit and order today. They run specials all the time, so I am always ordering with great deals.


Are there legal remedies when food poisoning makes you sick?

Are there legal remedies when food poisoning makes you sick?

Food poisoning has become more prevalent among the general American public. This potential danger is on the increase as more and more families continue to rely on fast food and pre-packaged meals to feed their families. As foodborne illnesses continue to occur, despite comprehensive regulations and oversight, it is still necessary for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to keep track of foodborne illnesses and related statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control notes that each year about 48 million people get sick from one of nearly three dozen known foodborne pathogens, which is approximately equal to 1 in 6 Americans. Of those stricken, about 128,000 victims of food poisoning need to be hospitalized, and about 3,000 die each year.

Food and drinks may become accidentally contaminated by a number of harmful ingredients that include

  • Poisonous chemicals.
  • Microbes.
  • Pathogens.
  • Bacteria that may include Salmonella and E. coli

According to the CDC, Norovirus and Salmonella contributed to the most illnesses/hospitalizations/deaths. And while most people recover in a few days, the reality is that it is possible to become ill with a foodborne illness that results in a chronic, lifelong medical condition.

Food Poisoning Symptoms

The symptoms one can experience from food poisoning vary widely. One can have intense stomach discomfort/diarrhea to a GI irritation that resembles the flu and everything in-between. Some food poisonings last a day or so, while others may require victims of food poisoning to be hospitalized. And note, to those individuals who belong to at-risk groups – i.e., children, pregnant women, the elderly – a foodborne illness can go from serious to deadly.

Product liability laws are enacted to ensure victims of food poisoning have the potential to hold the manufacturer or supplier accountable should their actions in making or distributing fall short of reasonable care and rise to the level of negligence.  

States like Wisconsin also impose Implied Warranties – essentially minimum product standards. Those who fall victim to food poisoning may have had a product’s implied warranty violated. In addition, certain products may also offer proprietary guarantees – by any one of the parties responsible for handling the product – from farm to table. A simple example of a specific guarantee would be foods labeled pre-washed.

The Food Poisoning Claim

Documenting or proving a claim related to food poisoning includes the verification of two fundamental points –

  • The food that was eaten was contaminated in some way. This is easiest to prove if –
    • There were other individuals who suffered the same result from eating the same food.
    • The foodborne illness that caused the illness is one of the pathogens that is tracked by the federal government, as this allows for scientific testing and proof.
  • The contaminated food was the cause of your illness. This is simply demonstrated by scientifically examining a stool sample – that can show the connection between the food you have eaten and your illness.

Food Poisoning – The Take-Away

If you become sick, it is essential to start an investigation into the event that led to the illness. So, if you or a loved one has become a victim of food poisoning, it is important to contact a seasoned personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure your case receives the attention and results it deserves.

Natural Foods

Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate has zero carbs and zero sugar

Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate has zero carbs and zero sugar

If you enjoy dark chocolate without sugar, Macalat is non-bitter and as rich as you like your 70% cocoa bar. Macalat is certified organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, stevia-free and soy-free. Now that the junk is gone, I promise you still get a delicious treat!

The secret to such a cocoa bar is in the ingredients that go so well together – maca, lucuma, cinnamon, monk fruit and vanilla beans. All are natural and low calorie. The fermented mushroom enzyme helps cut out any bitterness. Macalat is made for Keto, Paleo, Vegan and sugar restricted diets. Buy your Macalat cocoa bar today and enjoy chocolate, guilt-free!