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DMoose Fitness Core and Resistance Equipment

DMoose Fitness Core and Resistance Equipment

Having a home gym is the difference between throwing away my money into a fitness center and to keep moving whenever I want. It has been several months of growing my gym before I had all I was in need of for the workouts I enjoy most. I love strength training and hate cardio. I know, we all need cardio but I really do dread it. However, I do have a treadmill I will use to get steps in when I need. I would much rather strength train with equipment and get my cardio in with nature on hikes.

I added a few new fitness core and resistance equipment from DMoose into my home gym and it allows me to elevate my workouts. From pilates to basic strength training, the right equipment can enhance any move to keep me challenged and to grow in strength.

The Fabric Resistance Bands are much more rigid than my standard bands. In fact, I was down to only using my heavy and extra heavy rubber bands as I out grew the light and medium resistance in my routines. I needed more so I can use these heavier bands in some lower body routines. These fabric bands allows for a more comfortable band and they are longer so they work better in stretching after long workouts. The fabric also helps with slipping and skin burns that other band materials have given me.

I also have this DMoose Ab Mat for Core Stability & Strengthening Workouts. This allows me to elevate simple floor core moves and even to protect my lower back when working hard. The outer layer is a foam with a 30-degree arch, made to support my spine. I do get lower bak pain after some core and back workouts so this is exactly what I need to protect myself from the pain associated with these strength workouts. I can modify while doing yoga and pilate moves and limit the pain.

DMoose has equipment you need to complete your home gym, elevate weight and strength training and protect your body while working out. You can even find equipment for boxing and MMA style workouts. I have always wanted to take up boxing and kick boxing as an exercise at home. Head on over and see all of the fitness equipment, tips and blog posts DMoose has to offer for your 024 health goals!

I was provided the above products for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own

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Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

With recent trips to Las Vegas and New York City we did a lot of walking. We eat a lot but then we far exceed 10,000 steps well before dinner walking the streets. I always come home motivated to walk more, but never actually act on that motivation until our recent trip. I envied the runners who get to wake up and jog a scenery like Central Park and then I think of our little town here in Washington State that is wrapped up inside a trail near the 2 rivers. I have scenery and a live trail, all I need is to act on that motivation.

Every other day I (speed) walk route that is 2.38 miles roundtrip with our dog. She is young and active and these walks are good for her too. I have never been big on cardio workouts at home, I have tried them but they leave me exhausted and sore and the thought of doing it all over again is actually dreadful. If I do any workout at home it is strength training because I actually feel accomplished and as long as I stretch too I don’t suffer so bad the next day.

On the days between my walks I am using my Dumbbell Workout Handbook to burn calories in the way I prefer. It is written and organized by Michael Volkmar, MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, who received his master’s degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Exercise, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior from George Washington University (GWU).

The weight loss book starts with some dumbbell basics and knowledge and then starts into a warm up chapter. It is then followed by the following fat burning sets

  • Full body burner
  • Upper and lower body spilt
  • Density training
  • Strength/Cardio
  • Hybrid super sets
  • Tabata circuits
  • Strength cardio finishers
  • core stability and strength

You can get your fat burning dumbbell workout handbook from Amazon, published by Hatherleigh Press.

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Staying Healthy with Faithful Workouts – 1 Year Plan Giveaway

I have partnered with Faithful Workouts


Staying Healthy with Faithful Workouts - 1 Year Plan Giveaway

No scale, no stress, no anxiety, no focus on results. Just actions- God, water intake, exercise and natural food. That is what you get from Faithful Workouts. You get to choose what you want to do according to your schedule. All you need is some space, sometimes some standard exercise equipment (but not always) and and a few moments a day. This is a program that focuses less on inches and a scale number and more on total health while losing that weight and feeling great as well as learning to live a healthy and enriched life.

Michelle Spadafora started Faithful Workouts because she loves to eat healthy, loves to exercise and loves to talk about Jesus. So you put all of those things together and divide it by days in a calendar and you get a daily map that includes more than just a workout where you hit a stop button and go take a shower. At the end of the first workout I did she showed us how to make 3 ingredient banana cookies I went downstairs and made them myself and enjoyed a snack with my son that morning after my workout video. ON that day 1 of August I had a quote and a little excerpt about that quote that read:

“We can either spend our days living to please others – or we can live them trying to please God. We want to love others, of course, but you cannot try and change yourself just to “make everyone happy.” The fact of the matter is, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can ensure that you are filled with joy and peace and light by putting God first.”


That was followed by a 20 minute workout and a recipe. What is the cost? How much do you spend having to drive to the gym (not counting gas money and that intimidation feeling around others)? I just cancelled my husband and I’s membership this year as our schedules could not get us out of the house so I had begun working out in home when I get up in the morning. We were paying $37 a month and no recipes, menu plans or inspirational quotes were included. The Faithful Workouts F4 plan will cost you $7 a month or $70 a year and that begins after your 30-day free trial. That is a no-brainer! The free trial is available to everybody right now.



Here’s what’s included in your Faithful & Fit Plan:

  • Menu plans, grocery lists & cookbook (gluten free & dairy free options!)
  • 150+ Online Exercise Videos for every fitness level
  • Faith & Fitness Calendar to make getting healthy simple!
  • A forum to keep you inspired, connected & accountable
  • Monthly Live Chats to address your health questions
  • Inspirational articles sent to your inbox every week
  • Podcasts so you can take us with you on your walk, bike, or run!
  • A 10% OFF Member-only store discount

Michelle wants me to offer all of you a chance to win a 1 year Faithful Workouts F4 membership. Enter below. It is open to my US readers and will end on 8/30. Good luck!



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Have Fun Burning 100 Calories In 30 Minutes #TheDayIsYours

I am a Premier Protein Ambassador and they are featured in this post as sponsored #TheDayIsYours

Have Fun Burning 100 Calories In 30 Minutes #TheDayIsYours
Photo source: Pixabay

I admit it! I did real well with my new exercise and eating regimen then began skipping the exercise. I am not too ashamed to admit I had not stuck it out because too many of us fall into that same rut. For me it was a trip. I was not able to get in my usual workouts and was gone for 5 days. When I returned home I found every excuse to not start each day, promising myself I’d do it “tomorrow”. It is summer, I am so angry I hit my goal season and am not tone like I wanted to be. I have kept up my cleaner eating, but ugh…swimsuits!!

I had to find the root of my lack of motivation first. We just bought a home 60 miles away and had to get out of our current one so the new family can be in on time. Our build is not complete so we are living in a hotel for a few weeks. Time! It has been stressful, good stress, but stress. I worked at our local High school so summer just started for me. Until now it was work, pack, end of year activities as a PTA board member and more packing. So, I decided to choose a daily calorie goal and time goal.

What I want is to burn 100 calories a day while still eating healthy and I can commit to 30 minutes a day. So there is my starter: burn 100 calories in 30 minutes and have fun doing it! It is not hard to do.

  • 25 Minutes of moderate Yoga burns roughly 100 calories
  • 30 minutes of shooting hoops can burn up to 150 calories (go ahead and take the kids basketball for some outdoor fun)
  • Get out in the garden! You can burn a tad over 100 calories in 30 minutes of steady gardening
  • Bored? Take the kids to the driving range! In about 30-40 minutes of hitting balls, you can burn those 100 calories
  • Have you ever wanted to take a dance class? Grab your partner and sign up. Light dancing for 30-35 minutes gets you to the 100 calorie mark. More intense dancing will burn you even more-almost twice as much more!
  • Need motivation to clean? You can burn the 100 calories with 30 minutes of vigorous cleaning or by vacuuming that length of time

Remember! There is no one-answer-fits-all. Your BMI and BMR will play a factor. So to help you understand my numbers I am basing off of my own stats: 5’3″ 132lbs and BMI of 23.4. Above calorie chart referenced from

Remember! When you want to add exercise to your day, you should also add more protein. As a Premier Protein Ambassador I have learned a lot about the benefits of protein from how to avoid over eating to giving your body the nutrients it craves when working harder. It is also important to know what the protein products you consume also contain. Many products labeled ‘protein’ are also full of sugars and preservatives. Learn more about consuming protein, here.