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College Bound: Eagle Creek No Matter What XL Duffel Bag

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Duffel Bag

If you are a student heading off to college or the parent of the student, what do you envision as you welcome them home on breaks throughout the year? Perhaps a sleep deprived child or a car load of laundry to catch up on at home. Whether they are lugging bedding, laundry or a weekend getaway the No Matter What XL Duffel Bag holds a lot.

The dimensions of the No Matter What XL Duffel Bag is 36 x 15 x 14 in. It has a padded center strap to attach as well for shoulder carry. It even fits a 7 year old little brother with room to spare. Perhaps you will get a lot of needed use from this large bag besides a seat for an MLS game at home. But, if you were inclined to sit in it, you could probably fit.
The No Matter What duffel actually comes in other sizes- small, medium, large, XL and XL with wheels. You could easily pack an entire getaway in this bag and take in on a flight or road trip with you saving yourself having to lug around multiple bags. Keeping this in the dorm is a huge bonus for a student as storage is minimal and this bag could hold a few drawers worth of clothing or accessories.
It is constructed using a water repellant Bi-Tech™ fabric that brings a spectacular weight to strength ratio. The zippers are lockable and there are multiple carry straps. There is an extra front pocket with a lockable zipper as well. It also includes a storage bag.
Eagle Creek takes pride in using environmentally responsible materials and the entire staff cares for nature and the way you travel. The solution is to pack well so you can travel happy. There is nothing better than starting and maintaining a trip in a well-organized and minimized way when it comes to bags and items you need to take with you.
Visit to see all of the travel bags, sacks and solutions to make your next trip organized and well packed!
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7 Self Education Tips Without College

For many of us, college education is spontaneous right after high school. Still, for some, it’s a far-fetched idea – something they can only dream about.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why many are criticizing college. Wherever you look, people are writing about the declining academic standards, disruptive technological changes, the narrow work options available to college students, and the dreaded student loan horror story.

The fact is that college fills thousands of important roles today. It offers everyone the chance to acquire skills like writing, teamwork, mathematics, logic, and be a valuable part of the community, get exposed to ideas, live independently, and signal employers with a college degree.

However, our generation is hampered with exaggerated tuition fees merged with the economic austerity. Thankfully, higher education isn’t solely delivered by a college institution. You can still gain skills, independence, community, and even have work opportunities in so many ways. It’s just one of the many opportunities we’ll share in this article.

You may call it as a design-your-own-college-program minus the college and its inflated costs. Here are some ways to begin pursuing your very own higher education – without college.

1. Get cheap or even free introductory courses in diverse subjects. Familiarize yourself with vital new ideas, network of people, and potential career paths using The Floating University, Skillshare, Coursera, Ted talks, DO lectures, Khan Academy, Udemy, Academic Earth, or your local community college classes.

2. Create a mentorship team. Start assembling a small team of honest and expert people from whom you can seek assistance and real-world guidance for your self-directed journey. You can also include someone who is currently working in your desired field of interest.

3. Build a goal list and share it with the public. This can work as a personal syllabus. Sharing your goal list publicly will keep you on track and make you feel accountable to your friends and family who read it to keep you on track.

4. Develop a technical/hands-on skill. You can engage in electrical work, cooking, automotive repair, and even sports instruction. These skills aren’t easily automated or offshored and therefore offers an excellent fallback or part-time work option.

5. Volunteer yourself across your community. Volunteering can lead to a LOT of opportunity and can serve as in invaluable source of learning experience as you take the time to immerse yourself in the work you want. Start with this and you’ll start saving bucks in the process. Visit websites like HelpX, Couchsurfing, WorkAway, and WWOOF.

6. Set-up a small business. You might not believe it, but starting a small business doesn’t necessarily require a LOT of money. 100$ will do – and you don’t need to maintain it in a long term. Whether you fail or succeed, you’ll be left with great lessons that most colleges won’t offer.

7. Earn a diploma online. As stated at the beginning, you can pursue higher education, even at the comfort of your home, in front of your computer monitor. Service providers like BCA National offers a diploma of education among others that will prepare you for actual work. Check them out!

There you go. These are just a few ways to earn yourself higher education without college. Do you know other ways? Share them with us!

*Guest post written for Parenting Healthy