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Freddie the Fly Motormouth: A Story About Listening – Book

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 Freddie the Fly Motormouth: A Story About Listening - Book

Freddie the Fly: A Story About Listening

By: Kimberly Delude

When I hit middle school I was told by my parents and some friends that I was a motormouth. I talked and (perhaps it’s the Italian influences from my Grandparents who were the same way) I talked fast! I would here “Calm down, you’re talking too fast” or “My! You have a lot to say!” I learned and grew put of it in High School and like, Freddie the Fly am better off for learning to control my speech.

Kimberly Delude is a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist and this is her first children’s book. Freddie is told he is a motormouth and after meeting other just like him they work together to learn ways to pause and listen. It is in learning these new skills he finds out some pretty neat stuff about his friends all because he stopped to listen.


Freddie the Fly will be available in October on Amazon and you can preorder it now.

Valentines 2017

Valentine’s Book for Kids – Groggle’s Monster Valentine

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Groggle’s Monster Valentine

by: Diana Murray & Bats Langley

It is always a lot of fun finding a special gift for the kids to wake up to on Valentine’s Day. Better yet, a gift like a Valentine’s book can become a tradition to read each year. Because it is available on Amazon Prime you can have it in 2 days and ready for a special surprise on Valentine’s morning.

In Groggle’s Monster Valentine, his impulses get in the way of creating the perfect Valentine for his best monster friend, Snarlina. Like a child who can’t finish baking cookies because they devour the icing and candies before the final project is done, Groggle can’t complete his card for her because he devours it at the end. It is a fun story as your child watches Groggle make several cards. Will he finally complete one he can gift to her?

Valentine's Book

About the Authors

Diana Murray is a poet and picture book author whose other books include City Shapes, Grimelda: The Very Messy Witch, and Ned the Knitting Pirate. Diana’s award-winning children’s poems have appeared in many magazines, such as Highlights and Spider. She lives in New York City with her husband, two very messy children, and a motley crew of lizards, snails, and fish.

Bats Langley grew up in Wolcott, Connecticut and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. His art has been shown in galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Hangzhou, China, and has even been displayed in the United States Capitol building. Mr. Langley has also been a regular contributor to Ladybug and Spider magazines. This is his first picture book. He resides in New York, New York.

This title is one of many titles that are part of the Sky Pony Press books for children.

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The Rootlets: Trouble at Plantasy Land children’s book #Giveaway

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The Rootlets: Trouble at Plantasy Land

by: Vicki Marquez

The Rootlets: Trouble at Plantasy Land is a second installment of the Rootlets series. Book 1 is titled Rootlets: Super Rootabilities. Both books tackle the issue of eating healthy. It is a great read for the Kindergarten through 3rd grade age group. The encouragement to read more, play and laugh is a great way to discuss the topic of healthy eating choices. It helps them form their own choices. The read is simple, but the message is very clear. The character in the books are named after their hair color and styles: Brocc, Carrotina, Cornelius and Kaley. They are all superhero friends and help guide kids to making healthy diet choices. They have their own green power juice boxes they use for great benefits.

rootlets-children-book | Parenting Healthy

Vicki Marquez is a certified health coach, nutrition specialist, and plant-based chef. She cleverly brings a strong message about nutrition through these books. This newest book, Rootlets: Trouble at Plantasy Land the Rootlets discover that their favorite amusement park is in trouble. Someone is causing a lot of chaos and they suspect it to be The Great Zucchini, Mr. Fungi’s new magician. They work hard to attempt to save their park on opening day.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win their own copy of Rootlets: Trouble at Plantasy Land. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 11/4. Good luck.

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Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero children’s book

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Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero

by: Brod Bagert

Release: April 2016

Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero is about finding that unique power we all have inside of us. I recently had a conversation with some other soccer parents at my son’s practice and we were watching these 7 and 8 year olds play and one or two parents commented on the ‘laziness’ in their child. We see them let the ball roll on by them and don’t see them reacting right away or being aggressive. I notice that about my own son too. He should fight harder, he should be more aggressive. The Assistant Coach who also has a son on the team chimed in with we can teach them skills, but the drive cannot be taught, he said. Drive is either something you have or don’t and it can be learned later on. He was right. It’s easy to sit on the side and critique, but you can’t install hustle and drive and that’s what we see missing from them in their young age at times.

Captain Perseverance had to learn to persevere and that became his strength. Learning to read or do math is such a fright, but once you get it you got it! The more kids grow and struggle through all the tasks they are learning, one by one they get through it and in time learn to have that grit or drive to make it through learning and practice to be someone great.


Topics and themes explored in Captain Perseverance include:

  • The importance perseverance when pursuing success in all areas of life.
  • Instilling grit in children through the timeless power of engaged story telling.
  • The power of “start with your worst, then make it better and better and better.”
  • The role of perseverance in Bagert’s own midlife metamorphosis from lawyer-politician to children’s poet.
  • How our ingrained vocabulary, such as using the phrase “do your best” often sets children up for failure.

You can get your copy on Amazon or other book retailers. It really is an easy read and a great way to stop and encourage practice and perseverance. The next stop for the tour will be PopWrapped!