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Running Past Dark YA Book Review – when a teen loses her twin and needs to move forward

What happens to the twi left behind? Book synopsis:

Scottie O’Doul isn’t looking forward to starting her senior year. Last May, her identical twin sister, Cait, died in a car crash involving the school’s beloved football coach. Scottie knows her twin would never take her own life, or someone else’s, but how can she prove it? As she faces bullying and hostility at school, she starts to wonder if what Cait said was even true. Turning to running to break through her grief, Scottie finds a new world and a new sense of self outside her twinness. She also reconnects with her old boyfriend, who had a terrible accident of his own the same day Cait died. Could there be a connection As she runs mile after mile, Scottie keeps trying to fit the jigsaw pieces together and find the true picture of what happened to Cait and what was really going on at school before the crash.

You don’t have to be a runner to feel Scottie’s energy in this book and the soul searching that happens when a twin is left behind at a young age. It is a bit of mystery with plenty of energy and you won’t want it to end. The book is available on Amazon and other favorite bookstore.