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Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Party

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Throwing kids parties for birthday, milestones or graduations is a bittersweet event. It is sweet in that we love to make our child’s day as special as possible but bitter when we can’t find all we need for easy party planning.

Sometimes you have to get creative and make your own decor and that takes time and worst of all, creativity which I actually lack more times than not. Perhaps those moments I pretended I was interested in the game of Fortnite so I can play with my son and get to know his favorite game will pay off now!

Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Party
Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Birthday Party

Because I know what a supply drop is and impulse grenades are I can easily improvise. The best part is when you improvise with cheap items like snacks and balloons it is easily affordable to create a themed party. Buying it already done is nice, but I found out that by taking a day to create DIY pieces saved me a lot of money.

It is the hottest game right now for boys (and girls too): Fortnite! Have you tried looking for licensed birthday party decor? It hardly exists so when Anthony wanted a Fortnite party I took to Google and Pinterest for ideas on how to pull it off and it was a hit!

I lined the Supply Drop favor bags across my entertainment center and hung balloons in blue and black to spell out Fortnite. I tried to find plain yellow balloons where I was because when the drop shipments happen in games it is a yellow balloon that drops them so that is the best color to pair.

VBucks are the spendable points you earn in the game so I made some, used a 2″ craft circle cutter to cut them all out and tape to chocolate coin candies.

I just googled some prints and printed out on heavy paper top hang around the house. This Fortnite party is coming along!

kids birthday party

Fortnite Party Planning PrintableKids Birthday Party

You can even google ‘slurp juice label like I did and find this pattern. I can fit 3 on piece of paper to print and cut. Slurp Juice is the revive potion and blue gatorade bottles work perfectly. Their is another potion in the game you can find that is purple if you can get grape Gatorade and use those.

Impulse Grenades and bombs occur in the game so you can get brownie bites (I found a bunch as Walmart and Costco also has bins of them). I used cheese puffs for grenades but popcorn works too.

Simple cupcake toppers where I found Fortnite images and craft cut in circle on hard stock paper with toothpicks. Then to finish the Fortnite party off I ordered my son a tee shirt I found online that reads: Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat.

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Fun Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park

Thank you to US Family Guide and Altitude Trampoline Park for partnering for this feature

Fun Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park

Anthony’s 9th Birthday Party

Altitude Trampoline Park – Marysville, Wa

Friday Night in May- 10 kid party package


Table(s) reserved, Party Host, Plates and cups, Clean up
The activity lasts two hours

2 Large Pizzas, Bottled water for kids. Birthday child receives free T Shirt and 1 free pass for a future visit

This was the first time we had jumped at the Altitude Park. Right away we had a table and host waiting for us. The jump arena is well within eyesight of the tables so I can set up and let the kids lose. As each child arrived their parents checked them in, signed waivers if none on file and were given a free pair of jump socks. Within minutes they were off having a blast.

They spent the most time in the Dodgeball area. They worked up a huge sweat and appetite in there. The party was a 6-8pm time slot and pizza was delivered about 7 but the kids aren’t forced out of the arena until the 8 end time so they could jump and eat later or eat and some went right back out. I did bring some chips and juice pouches to go with the provided pizza and water and I am glad I did because they truly gain an appetite out there.

Having a slumber party afterwards? I’d bring some wet wipes before sweaty kids get in your car-lol. I sort of wish I had that handy. But they were worn out and because 4 of the boys were coming back to sleep over they did not stay up too late after 2 hours of jumping. It is sort of a genius thought to bring them here and wear them out.

There was plenty of room at 1 table for all 10 kids for pizza, presents and cake. We nabbed a second tabel to store gifts and for adults who stayed to sit.

An employee saw me cleaning up the mess and came over to help, insisting they will clean up. It was OK-I am a Mom like that and hate leaving my own messes.

We did have a lost tooth incident. This girl bought an ice cream at the snack area and that loose tooth of hers was barely hanging on. The boys helped encourage her to pull it and through tears she did it. That was exciting for her.

What is fun is that Anthony got a shirt and pass to come back for an hour as we left because the birthday child is given this as a gift from Altitude Trampoline Park. It was a Friday night and the place filled quickly. What a popular spot! Find a location near you!

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Easy Kids Birthday Favors – Free Printable Tags

I am an #HPSmartMom and receive product from HP periodically

Easy Kids Birthday Favors - Free Printable Tags

 Our youngest will be 9 in a few weeks and I just booked his party at and now have Invitations, party favors and classroom favors to prepare. The party is for 10 cards and his class favors are for 24. Because a student in his class severe allergies she does not allow food gifts so kids typically bring in trinkets to hand out. I found some water bottles for under $1 and am doing those, but I needed tags to print and attach.

HP Gift Tag

This is what I use my HP Print and Photo Projects download for. I have it installed on my Mac and I just open it, choose a project and design and print. I found this tablet, changed the text and had them printed in under 10 minutes. It took me longer to cut all the string for tying these onto the bottles.

Birthday favor tags

I have an HP Instant Ink eligible printer. The HP Envy 7640 costs under $130 and can print, fax, scan, copy and do photo wirelessly. I am so excited about the wireless feature on this printer because I can sit on the couch and while reading emails or messages, I save it as a document right on my phone then open my HP All-in-One Remote app and hit print! My copy is sitting on my printer and I never left the couch or promised myself I will print out later only to forget.
Why do I need an HP Instant Ink compatible printer? Because it works with my ink cartridge to send a message to HP when I am low and I have ink at my door within days and before I run out! How simple is that?

Making gift tags

If you can’t find water bottles, try attaching tags to bulk and inexpensive favors like keychains. Until I stumbled across these bottles, I almost used some Emoji keychains I found for under $15 that was enough for his entire class.

gift tag printable

I printed 24 copies, cut them each out and cut 25 strands of ribbon. Used a hole punch so I can insert the ribbon and tie to each bottle. The great thing is that these bottles were under $1 and were BPA free plastic.


Having my HP Envy printer and access to a Project Download that anyone can access makes these party set up projects so easy. See all of the projects you can do with HP Printables.


water bottle favors