TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

Before I tried TruffLuv, I would tell you that how I decide on a best hair product depends on the ingredient list. I think I have a true second reason now – the scent! I am crazy about the ingredients inside TruffLuv products and how soft my hair is. But, I have to also mention how good these products smell in my hair! I will always need the TruffLuv Argan Style Cream in my life. I rub a bit into my styled hair each morning to get that amazing scent.

TruffLuv uses the powerful benefits of black truffles that are so rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and micronutrients. These pack loads of vitamins that nourish, strengthen and soften my hair…and did I mention it smells amazing?

Of course black truffles is not the only ingredient. TruffLuv has 2 collections, the Nourish and Indulge Collections. The Nourish Collection includes Argan oil to nourish and hydrate. The Indulge Collection is has the best black truffle benefits with olive oil fruit and shea butter to repair damaged or colored hair. I currently use the Truffle Mask from the Indulge collection once a week and daily I use a very small amount (all you need) of the Argan Style Cream from the Nourish collection through my styled hair for a hydrating finish. Shop TruffLuv today and elevate your hair care!

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Boost your skin’s hydration with these Aloderma products

This winter weather has dried my skin out so much. It seems especially bad this year. I have a drawer in my bathroom full of lotions and moisturizers that claim to cure dry skin. Most do OK and only temporarily. I was introduced to Aloderma and using pure aloe to moisturize. This makes sense! Using aloe from a brand that grows it on site and bottles it within hours of harvest must be great for dry skin and it is working great! I even use the Aloe Brightening Moisturizer on my hands some days because it works so great.

I use the Brightening Moisturizer on my face after showering. It puts all of the moisture I need back and I can use my regular makeup products and know my skin has pure aloe protection. The Pure Aloe Vera Gel is amazing to have on hand for burns and skin irritations. This gel is 99% aloe – and I am talking FRESH aloe. There is nothing more soothing to the skin than this.

Buying Aloderma products is as easy as logging into Amazon and shopping as they have a storefront with these and other aloe products for your skin. This is the season to hydrate well and again as we stay under the summer sun. Stock up now and your skin will thank you!

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Reduces plastic waste in your home with Canary Products

This photo above is equivalent to 4 moths of toothpaste and 14 bottles of hand soap! Imagine all the plastic waste any other way?! Canary is the brand for families who want to reduce plastic waste and also want to use natural ingredients from soaps and toothpastes made in the USA.

Canary Toothpaste Tablets come in flavors you love for mouth care. 240 count packs would last about 4 months at 1-2 a day. 1 a day is all that is needed for a clean mouth, but 2 gives you an extra foamy brush if that is your desire. These tablets are easy to use- just chew-brush-rinse out. I like to give a xylitol reminder that you will need to keep these safe from pets so they also come in a glass jar with lid for better storage. Xylitol is the natural sweetener used- great for humans. The bag is compostable so there is zero waste involved.

The Canary Foaming Hand Soap set is my new favorite. The scents are all the ones you want for your bathroom and hands and the waste is so little! You get a glass bottle that is reusable and then just buy the soap bars. All you do is break up a bar a bit, add warm water and walk away. In about an hour, the bar has dissolved and you have foaming hand soap. The soap does not contain any no parabens or sulfates and are free from harmful chemicals.

All Canary products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get to save space in your toiletry cupboard, use a lot less waste and get a naturally clean YOU! Shop Canary and make the better eco-friendly choice for everyday body products. You will love them as much as I do! Sign up for emails on their website and get a 15% off coupon! They ship for free over only $32 and there are subscription options too.

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Grow thicker eyebrows with Vegamour GRO Brow Serum | Before and After

Grow thicker eyebrows with Vegamour GRO Brow Serum | Before and After

It is an ongoing battle- longer and fuller eyelashes and to grow thicker eyebrows! I spent my early years tweezing the heck out of my eyebrows and was left with thin eyebrows that never grew out too well my adult years. My eyelashes are naturally long, but my eyebrows are thin. I was introduced to the Vegamour brand, mainly because I wanted to find my teen a shampoo/conditioner to help his dandruff scalp that was not full of harsh chemicals. The I decided to try the GLO Brow Serum for myself and it made such a difference!

How I used Vegamour GLO Brow Serum to grow thicker eyebrows

I wanted a true test, so I followed the recommended usage. I applied the serum wand across my brows, focusing on getting the base, twice a day. It has been exactly 2 weeks and that seems to be the going time to see a difference. Below is my before and after ) 2 weeks). In both photo sets, I have zero brow liner or makeup on my brows of any kind and I did not tweeze or style brows. The darker, fuller look on the right columns are true growth.

Grow thicker eyebrows

About GLO Brow Serum

The ingredients of GLO Brow Serum are vegan (clean). It is infused with phytoactives, which are powerful plant-based compound that ensures a truly vegan product. These phytoactives include Red Clover ( a natural DHT blocker – a hormone that contributes to hair loss) and Mung Bean (contains copper that is great for hair and scalp health). You pull the wand and rub across brows. It is so easy and quick to do at bedtime and again in the morning.

vegan hair care

I have also been using the GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum with the GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner for my scalp to use before passing over to my teen. It’s going to be a hard switch, but he is going to love using Vegamour for his hair! It leaves it smelling clean and so soft. Visit Vegamour for vegan beauty products that actually work!