SHADO by ThinOptics Sunglasses Collection Review

A unique brand in the sunglasses world includes ThinOptics, the thinnest eyewear I have ever seen! The styles are what you enjoy, the weight is lighter than a nickel and the size is smaller than your cellphone! I was a bit curious before they arrived and they exceeded my expectations They look great and I feel like I am not wearing any sunglasses. The clarity is fantastic with the polarized lenses

I have the Menlo Park Sunglasses from the Wanderlust collection of SHADO eyewear. ThinOptics really succeeded in making sunglasses that are lightweight yet stylish and effective. My sunglasses have full UV protection and are treated with an anti-reflective coat, preventing back reflections. They have a backing that will attach to my cell phone to easily carry with me. They stay on my face and fit very comfortably

I love modern styles and most importantly, I want to be able to afford new and modern products. At under $80, these are a great value for the quality and features unlike any sunglasses I have owned. Use my exclusive coupon code to save 30%!! Coupon Code: FYIErin at ThinOptics.

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Urban Hydration wants to save the planet through clean beauty

Urban Hydration wants to save the planet through clean beauty

Philanthropy! When I dug into the who the brand, Urban Hydration, is the word I kept coming across was philanthropy. Urban Hydration wants to save the planet through clean beauty. The ingredients are natural and very effective. I had been using a great lotion this summer and then I tried the Castor & Shea Daily Lotion from Urban Hydration and it immediately worked better at hydrating my skin than what I was using.

You will find clean, plant-based skin, hair and body care products in their shop. I am using the Castor & Shea daily lotion and face wash. My skin is so great. I immediately get hydrated legs under my shorts for the summer and my face wash is so gentle and effective. Whether you have acne or dry skin concerns, you can find a natural product made with the best of plant-based ingredients known for their benefits to skin and hair. You will find Coconut Oil, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E in just about every product they make.

If you love supporting women-owned brands that give back, Urban Hydration donates a gallon of water to transform communities around the world. They have partnered with so many charities and one of their biggest is the Urban Hydration Foundation Scholarship with Western Michigan University, which contributes $50,000 in scholarship money for students in need. You buy and they donate! Shop Urban Hydration for better skin and hair health and to help give back!


You’re Stronger Than You Know Sweater from Taylor Jay

You're Stronger Than You Know Sweater from Taylor Jay

Designed for women of all sizes and shapes, the apparel of Taylor Jay is comfortable and ever changing as we move through life. Oakland, Ca. designer Taylor Jay wanted to create styles for every women-every one of us! We want comfort, style and to be able to afford sustainable fabrics and modern designs. From this You’re Stronger Than You Know sweater to jumpsuits and dresses, you will feel good in every piece.

I LOVE this sweater. ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ turns a lot of heads. I think everyone can relate to this or at least be reminded. It is so soft and a simple writing on the front allows me to dress it up or keep it simple. By adding a touch of gold and rolling sleeves, I can dress warm and comfortably but feel like I styled myself for the day.

During the pandemic, it was tough for them to stay open so they started making and selling fashion masks. For each mask sold, they donated one to an essential worker. They mean well and actually do good and I am happy to feature Taylor Jay. Shop their fashion online or in store (Oakland, Ca).

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Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Organic Lip Balm is a seasonal must have

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Organic Lip Balm is a seasonal must have

From sunscreen to lip gloss, the ingredient list matters to me. With so many products on the shelves full of chemicals and other artificial ingredients, I am just not willing to lather those on mine or my kids bodies every season. Lip balms are a product we use year round from ski season in the winter to the summer sun, our lips need constant hydration with ingredients that make me feel comfortable using it on my lips as often as I need. This summer I am stocked up on the Mongo Kiss organic lip balms by Eco Lips.

Why Eco Lips? Every time you purchase an Eco Lips organic lip balm, you get authentically sourced ingredients and can be ensured that the growers receive a fair price – a practice that’s vital in helping developing communities grow as well. Eco Lips cares about every ingredient they use and the planet their ingredients come from. Their production facility runs on renewable energy and these lip balms are packed in our exclusive Plant Pod®. It’s 100% plastic free!

The Eco Lips Mongo Kiss line of organic lip balms use mongongo oil and Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter. According to Eco Lips, Mongongo Oil is high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other nutrients perfect for nourishing & hydrating skin. Mongongo oil is a known body oil in African areas and is derived from the fruit of the manketti tree. Read more about all of the benefits of this oil here! Now we get these benefits (naturally) in the Eco Lips Mongo Kiss line that comes in great flavors/scents. Shop Eco Lips products on Amazon and stock up for the next few seasons and back to school!