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Comfortable Pajamas for Mom and Baby by Kyte Baby

Comfortable Pajamas for Mom and Baby by Kyte Baby

It is hard enough to get out of bed most mornings, but try getting out of bed and needing to change out of the most comfortable pajamas! These Women’s Jogger Pajamas from Kyte Baby are so cozy and soft. Designed for comfort, this set includes a long sleeve shirt and pants. What gives it the coziness is the elastic waistband and jogger style ankle. No more dragging the long ends of your pajama bottoms on the ground to step on or tear up.

This sapphire color is so pretty and as a Mom of boys, it is one of my favorite colors. There are 8 colors to choose from. These Jogger Pajamas are 97% rayon from bamboo, 3% spandex. This means it is made with materials that help keep the skin cool and if you have eczema or other skin conditions this is the difference between comfort and irritation.

Kyte Baby was founded by a Mom who’s daughter suffers from eczema. You can count on the quality of the material used to be great comfort for all skin types – Mom and Baby. You will find clothing and accessories for baby and toddler as well as Mom. Visit Kyte Baby for Mother’s Day gift ideas such as pajamas for Mom and baby.

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doTERRA Products for Baby are Safe and Smell Great

doTERRA Products for Baby are Safe and Smell Great

One of my favorite gifts to give at baby showers or new parents are a variety of the everyday products I know they will reach for. Making a gift basket with clean and safe brands to have on hand makes it so handy for new parents. With a baby you will always need rash cream and baby wash, doTERRA products for baby makes a safe a gentle-scented Baby Hair & Body Wash and Diaper Rash Cream that are packaged to make great gifts.

doTERRA Baby

Making sure the ingredients are safe and gentle is important.

The doTERRA Diaper Rash Cream‘s Non-Nano Zinc creates a barrier to protect delicate baby skin from excess moisture. It is tested for sensitive skin and the essential oils of Lavender, Carrot Seed, and Tea Tree (Melalueca) help balance and soothe the skin.

The doTERRA Baby Hair and Body Wash Contains a calming blend of vanilla extract with CPTG Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils. It is tear-free tested and comes with an easy-to-use pump.

doTERRA Wellness

Find wellness products and body products for baby and adults by visiting the doTERRA website as you search for products tested well and made with simple, natural ingredients. You’ll love the gentle scents they leave behind from essential oils.

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Earth BABY cleansing products and hand sanitizers are safe for a baby

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Earth BABY cleansing products and hand sanitizers that are safe for a baby

Perhaps Baby has no idea what Christmas is or even a gift but Mom does and as parents we need easy-to-grab skincare and sanitizers we can travel with. We keep them in the diaper bag, the car, in multiple rooms in the house and even spare items at Grandmas! It’s the lotions, diaper creams and now hand sanitizers we always need bulk of. Earth BABY has these products in great travel sizes as well as full size and they are all natural and safe for baby.

I love this earth BABY on-the-go Kit that has everything you need including this bag to keep them all together. With this kit you get Diaper Rash Cream, Broad Spectrum SPF30+ Sunscreen, Aromatherapy Calming Mist (a heaven send) and hand sanitizer gel in a zipper organic travel bag.

earth BABY’s line of cleansing products, lotions, and hand sanitizers are safe for a baby’s skin and hair. The science behind Earth Baby is an exclusive patented formula called Oleosphere® Technology created to have time releasing ingredients called Oleosomes (organic skin-softening oils and vitamins). This offers the maximum amount of moisture in their skin throughout the day. All packaging is recyclable and kit bags are made from organic cotton.

At earth BABY you’ll find gifts for mom and baby this season. Shop their sanitizers, creams, lotions, bath products and more on their website and enjoy free shipping on orders over $35! Also visit earth Baby on Amazon.

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Mommy’s Bliss New Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins for Moms

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Mommy's Bliss New Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins for Moms

When attending BabyBoom last month I got to learn that Mommy’s Bliss was expanding to include ‘Mom’ in their product line up. That is, multivitamins and prenatal supplements for Mom. Mommy’s Bliss brings the safest ingredients together for baby and kids in the form of cough relief, tummy pain relief, gum relief, immunity and more. Now it is only fitting to include products Mom needs for her own health before, during and after pregnancy.

Mommy's Bliss supplements

Mommy’s Bliss multivitamins have the essential vitamins and minerals your baby needs for healthy development plus the nutritional support you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

4 Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins

They have 2 prenatal supplements – Prenatal Regularity Support Gummies and Prenatal Omega + DHA Gummies and there are 2 prenatal vitamins – Prenatal Multivitamins + Iron capsules and Prenatal Multivitamin + Probiotics capsules. All have natural ingredients safe for you and Baby’s body. These are free of artificial flavors or colors, dairy, gluten or soy and the top 8 allergens.

prenatal care

Mommy’s Bliss multivitamins and supplements are designed to target the issues affecting moms-to-be most: gas, nausea, constipation, low energy, and restlessness. Don’t forget to take care of YOU!

Mommy’s Bliss products are available at Target and Amazon. Make sure to visit Mommy’s Bliss website for more information about all of their products for Mom, Baby and the older kids too!