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Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

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Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

I can use a digital camera just fine, even on manual mode. However, when it comes to my phone camera I just don’t get quality pictures as hard as I try. When you find a moment to capture you don’t always have time or control over the current lighting or setting. The Krome Studio app will take those photos and transform them into masterpieces in a few ways.

Below is a photo I took real quick as we were heading out the door to Anthony’s first day of 5th grade. This year he graduates from elementary school and will be a middle schooler next year. When I saw an option to ask Krome Studio in my app to turn Anthony’s standard photo into their Back to School design it was done in an hour. The before and after is below…

Another photo I have is a keepsake that I could not control the Auditorium lighting when Anthony and I waited in line 2 hours so he can meet his favorite Author, R.L. Stein. The faces had shadows and the background was dull. My Krome Studio before and after shots are below and now I have a better option to frame for Anthony.

This was a lot of fun! I was browsing holiday effects within the app to use for our puppies photo. There are so many gallery choices from Superheroes, Holidays, Landscapes and more. Simply take a photo on your camera or library and upload it and try some gallery options out. Once you find the right background simply submit and you will get a notification when it is ready.

Krome Studio is free to download and you only pay per photo and the prices are great for an improved photo. If all you need to do is change lighting and exposure, it is so simple to ask for what you need. On the R.L. Stein photo above I tapped on their faces and chose ‘lighten’, then I tapped on the background and asked for change. So easy!

Start here –> Krome Studio on Apple Store and Google Play or use the Web App for all the photos on your desktop!

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Galaxy Zega Realistic Virtual Tank War Game Review

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In 24 years of raising boys from my 24 year old step son to our 8 year old, we have never had a car or tank set like this. It is new and right on par with the technology and virtual play that is popular and a growing toy category today. It is called Galaxy Zega and is a virtual tank war game with an arena to customize and an app for control and game play.

realistic virtual tank wars

To grasp how game play works, think of Pokemon Go (in a very roundabout way). By that I mean that like the popular Pokemon app, you can earn skills the more you play. Like in gyms, you can choose skills and battle another players (so long as they create a username on a separate device and have a tank too). Like in capturing Pokemon you earn coins and achievements, in this war game you also earn coins and achievements in the terms of skills that you can choose to enable before a game and these skills can be used to give you more power or manipulate your opponent. With a 8 year old, this was the analogy that came to mind that I know many can relate to although different in all other aspects, the game play style is relative.


The controls-forward, backward, turning are largely displayed on your device so you can easily drive and steer your tank. You can even give your tank a unique name, although my son kept his tanks the names they came with, Leo and Gondar. Give yourself a username and when you log in to play, simply hold your device up to the car you wish to use for that game and it will recognize it and off you go.

realistic virtual starter

What do you need?

Most likely you want to be in 2-player mode for siblings or adults to battle so the best option is the Galaxy Zega Starter Kit that comes with enough tiles for a good size arena to build and 2 tanks. I also recommend 1 Galaxy X-base per tank you buy to open up even more games. If you need more than 2 tanks, you can buy more individually after the starter pack. Then you need access to 1 device per tank-each player needs their own device in their hand. My son uses my iPhone with the Galaxy Zega app downloaded and I use my husbands iPad also with the app downloaded. Both players create an account and log in then you will see an option to ‘Join other players’ to click on. Once you ask to join it will search and find your other player and you are now connected into the same game and battling each other. Available on Android and IOS.

realistic virtual gift

It is very clever and addicting. My son can’t put it down and already is asking for sleepovers so friends can come battle with him. It will surely be a hit in your home too-even for the adults who love interactive play.

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Meet DASH Robot from Best Buy

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Met DASH! You can find him sitting on the shelves of your local Best Buy store. That big center eye will look at you with almost a pity stare because he needs a friend. He knows that kids love making friends so he comes with a free app that your kids can easily learn to use so he can become the robot friend of your child’s imagination.


The first thing your new friend needs when he gets home is a name. The first task in the app after you download it is to state his name and my son thought long and hard about this. He loves Pokemon, soccer and sports so given all the possibilities he named his new friend, Dash. I did ask him how he possibly came up with such a name and he said, “…it is obvious he wants to be called Dash so I want to name him Dash. It’s all he knows.” That makes sense I suppose.


Just as no one would ever move to a new home without some luggage, this Wonder Workshop DASH comes in his box with a charging cord and 2 building brick connectors that can attach to his sides. You need a compatible device such as a bluetooth enabled phone or tablet with access to Google Play or the Apple Store for the app download.


DASH has so many fun features to help your child develop, learn, create and problem solve. The main goal for your child’s new robot is to introduce your child to the world of robotics. He (or she) responds to voice commands and can sing and dance on command. Children as young as preschool age can begin to learn coding with the Path app. Then as they grow, they move on with Wonder Workshop for bigger tasks with the help of apps and accessories.



This Wonder Workshop robot will be a hit this holiday season. And f you are a fan of shopping at Best Buy like I am, then you must stop over and visit DASH. In my Best Buy store he sits on the shelves near the video games with the other app-enabled toys. While there you will see additional accessories that can make being DASH’s friend even more fun and engaging. My son has the launcher and xylophone on his wish list for Dash. The accessories are only optional so once you buy DASH you don’t need to acquire additional costs unless you choose. Visit Best Buy today to learn more about the Wonder Workshop DASH Robot.

Dash & Dot - Front

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Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course Toothbrush

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The mornings are rough as it is. From packing lunches to settling tantrums and hair knots, we have enough to do. I work at the HS so when school goes back into session, I go back to work. I am settling into another work routine as my son settles into his new school routine. He is 8 and I have shown him many times how to brush his teeth so I can just tell him to go do it.

However, at the last dentist cleaning they asked if he brushes in his own, “yes”, you may need to still guide him because he is missing his front teeth. I can see him in their brushing away and assumed he had it down. I was wrong and now I need to add brushing his teeth to my morning routine. Thankfully, Philips Sonicare has partnered with Ice Age: Collision Course (now in theaters) to make tooth brushing fun for little ones. I will still monitor him, but now I have a tool.


“The NEW limited edition Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course has Bluetooth® technology that connects the power toothbrush directly to its customizable FREE interactive Ice Age coaching app. With the help of their fun personal brushing coach, “Sparkly” and his bag of tricks and games, kids develop a lifetime of healthy oral care habits and get rewards for doing a thorough job each time they brush. Parents can even monitor their child’s routine by reviewing their brushing habits on the separate, parent dashboard and set up milestones and rewards to motivate their child to brush their teeth twice a day.”

How great is this. So, we put it to the test. I opened the box and out came lots of stickers so he can personalize the front plate. He was searching for red because it is his favorite color and he bases all decisions and choices off of that color right now. Pink was as close to red as there was so he chose that sticker.



Next we loaded the app. I simply downloaded it, turned on my bluetooth and it connected flawlessly. We named our Sparkly coach. My son chose the name….Sparkly. Right away he got his first ‘gift’ for brushing- a tube of toothpaste to add to achievements in his app.

FullSizeRender (4)

The app has a ‘Start Brushing’ feature. Once you get some toothpaste on your Sonicare and are ready to start you press that feature. It then shows a live guide- that works around top of the mouth focusing on the back, tips and front of teeth. If you watch and mimic their brushing guide you will have a complete brushing in the recommended time. When done, open your ‘gift’. Sparkly loves rewarding for proper brushing. The brush itself has 2 levels for fast and slow speeds. Your child will likely want to start at a low setting if new to a power tooth brush. However, they may switch and that just requires 1 press of a button.

IMG_8765 IMG_8766

Find your child their Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course online at Phillips or at Amazon, Walmart and Walgreen stores for $49.99. It is a toothbrush that will last as they grow. Visit Phillips to learn more.