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Swagtron T380 Hoverboard for Beginners and Advanced Riders

2018 Parenting Healthy Gift Guide Feature: Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

Believe it or not, Anthony has never owned a hoverboard until now at almost 11 years old. His cousins and some friends have one and he loves to ride theirs, but he has never owned one. When the Swagtron T380 arrived and I dug deep into the features I felt it was a perfect first hoverboard.

Then I took it out of the box and thought how advanced and durable it looked. It was like something I expect a professional to own. He has the white and it is a beautiful pearl-like color. You can just feel how solid this hoverboard is.

The thing is, the T380 is for both beginners and Advanced riders. For the beginner, there is a learning mode that will increase balance detection and restrict speeds. Once you have it down, switch to Standard Mode and ditch the restrictions!

Other features of the Swagtron T380

  • Internal self-balancing technology
  • Upgraded dual 250W motors
  • Top-quality battery charging and performance
  • Riders of all shapes and sizes up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms), charge up their boards in 2-3 short hours.
  • Indicator lights in the center of the hoverboard as well as on the front and back. 
  • Learning and Standard Modes can be switched from the hoverboard itself. Or use the Swagtron app to switch to Advanced Mode and use your smartphone as your hoverboard’s remote.
  • Expert riders can download the SWAGTRON app from the App or Google Play store. 

Buying the Swagtron T380

Visit Swagtron.com for all hoverboards and scooters to fit your needs. The T380 is also available on Amazon

Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. I am an Amazon Associate and I may be compensated for your purchase through my Amazon links.

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