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Surprising Benefits of Adding Mushrooms to Your Diet



These days, many people are striving to learn as much as they can regarding which foods they should put in their bodies in order to look and feel their very best. If you’re trying to optimize your level of wellness through healthy eating, you should know that consuming mushrooms regularly can help you realize your goal. Below you will find five of many health benefits that result from eating mushrooms:

1. Increased Vitamin D Intake.

Increasing your levels of vitamin D is one of the great wellness benefits people attain when they eat mushrooms. Interestingly, mushrooms are the only vegetable or fruit source of this important vitamin. The mushroom’s ability to produce vitamin D transpires as it grows in sunlight. Also note that in America, mushroom types such as the portobello are fortified with the vitamin. In fact, a three-ounce serving provides consumers with around 400 IU of vitamin D. 

2. Immunity Boost.

Another great benefit of mushroom consumption is that it enhances the functioning of your immune system. In fact, a study on mice completed by the American Society for Nutrition demonstrated that the food item may enhance immunity by increasing the production of antiviral proteins released from the cells as they repair and protect tissues within the body. Another study found that mushroom consumption promoted the maturation of dendritic cells (immune system cells) from the bone marrow. This reality may improve the body’s ability to provide defense against microbial invasions. 

3. Antioxidants.

When we think about antioxidant-rich foods, many minds wander towards colorful vegetables and fruits. However, mushrooms have high levels of oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). For example, the portobello and crimini mushrooms have about the same amount of total antioxidants as the red peppers. 

4. Metabolism Booster.

Another health boost that results from eating mushrooms is an enhanced metabolism. To understand how mushroom consumption correlates to an enhanced metabolism, note that B vitamins are responsible for transferring food (carbohydrates) into the fuel (glucose) which our bodies burn in order to create energy. B vitamins also enable the body to metabolize protein and fats. Mushrooms are located with two key B vitamins, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) as well as vitamin B3 (niacin). If you were to eat 100 grams of crimini mushrooms, you would attain 44% and 33% of your daily recommendations for these vitamins. Eating white button mushrooms would provide you with 36% and 30% percent of these health-boosting vitamins. 

5. Bladder Benefits.

One final health benefit that results from mushroom consumption pertains to the bladder. Specifically, the more selenium found in the blood, the less the risk of bladder cancer. Several kinds of mushrooms contain high volumes of this trace mineral. For example, 100 grams of raw crimini comes with 47% of the daily recommendation for selenium intake.

How Do I Start Eating More Mushrooms?

Once you realize how many health benefits you can attain by eating mushrooms regularly, you may be interested in learning how you can begin incorporating them into your diet. Companies like HamptonCreek are pleased to maintain YouTube channels where you can gain access to a wide range of wonderful recipes, including trumpet mushroom french dip and stuffed mushrooms. You can also type in a keyword like “mushroom recipes” and gain access to thousands of online recipes containing this nutrient-packed food!


If you’re trying to become a healthier person, know that the regular consumption of mushrooms can take you down the road to optimal wellness. Refer to this quick reference guide when you need a reminder regarding the health benefits that you receive from eating this delicious vegetable.

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