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Super Cocoa is made with pea protein and ancient grains and seeds

For kids and adults, there is a new cocoa that offers some incredible benefits. For me, Super Cocoa helps add more protein for my macro goals daily. When I am craving sweets, ending the night with a hot cocoa packed with pea protein and grains, seeds and greens helps me stay away from chocolate bars and sodas.

Super Cocoa is made with pea protein and ancient grains and seeds

One packet of Super Cocoa is about 20g. You get only 3g of fat, 8g of carbs and 6g of pea protein making it about 83 calories + whatever you decide to mix your cocoa with. I love warming unsweetened almond milk which is about 30 calories per 8oz and together that makes it a 113 calorie hot, sweet drink that brings me an extra 7g of protein to end my day. A standard packet of cocoa mix off store shelves leaves you with less than 1g of protein and about 15g of carbs!! Not mention over 3 teaspoons of sugar (Super Cocoa has less than 1tsp)! Same calories-much better macros!!

Within the better nutrients, Super Cocoa offers 2 types of real cacao and is loaded with organic veggies, fruits, and ancient grains & seeds. Serving this cocoa to the kids tastes so chocolaty, they won’t know it’s better for you! Super Cocoa can be mixed into hot or cold water or thrown in the blender with your favorite milk option to make a delicious smoothie. Visit RDCL Superfoods to learn more and buy this cocoa today for the cold seasons!

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