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Style your hair quickly with Click n Curl

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Style your hair quickly with Click n Curl

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Who better to bring a product that saves us time and gives us a quick, stylish look than a busy Mom just like most of us? That is where Click n Curl was born-an idea from a Mom in Wisconsin. Blow drying, curling and styling your hair requires you become an octopus feeling like you need multiple hands to hold a blow drier and keep that section of hair while you grab an iron and keep ot from mixing with other sections you still need to dry and curl. IN the end you may have burns on your neck from the iron or a hair that is tangled. You will love how fast and simple the Click n Curl is making it a top item on your wish list.
The Click n Curl brush is a set that comes in 3 different sizes for small, medium or large curls. You get the brush handle and a set of round, bristled brush heads with the guide. Those brush heads turn into curlers as you unclick the handle after leaving each one in place with a section of hair you blow dry. See the video below for the tutorial!
How easy is that? I put the Click n Curl to the test on my medium length hair using the large and medium size set mixed.
It was so easy to use. I set up my brushes and used the smaller ones up top and larger underneath my hair. After setting each one I gave it a few seconds of heat just be sure my hair would be dry. By the time I had the last curler in the first ones were ready to come out. Here are the results
My hair is very thin and fine so this is a huge improvement. The best part is that I still had volume through the day and into the next morning!
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