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Stur Natural Water Enhancers as Mixers

Whether you need to intake more water in your day or need a zero calorie mixer option, Stur Natural Water Enhancers are my new favorite choice. They have so many flavors, you can make great natural sodas and mocktails or cocktails. But, the many flavors options are only an added bonus to the ingredient label.

Stur does not add any sugars, just real fruit and stevia extracts. Stur is free of all artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. I challenge you to compare the label of Stur enhancers to your other brands you may use. It was created to give you natural, only real ingredients. This makes your home sodas and cocktails contain a lot less calories and sugars.

The Blue & Blackberry Stur makes a fantastic Blackberry vodka. Just add ice to your glass, 1 oz of vodka and water. Add a squirt of Stur and stir. Garnish with blackberries for a complete look when serving to friends. You have added zero extra calories to your beverage!

Shop Stur on Amazon and find all varieties, including their electrolyte line of water enhancers.

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