Studying at Home: 6 Tips To Study Without Distractions

The opportunity to get an education online has helped thousands of people to accomplish their goal of receiving a certificate or degree. Online learning has multiple advantages and helps people who deal with other responsibilities in their lives, such as working or parenting, that may have formerly inhibited them from continuing their education. Some people simply prefer studying online.

Getting an education online, however, presents some potential disadvantages to students, but nothing that can’t be overcome. For some people, studying from the computer and without any classmates there can be distracting and can make it hard to stay motivated. Here are six tips that will help you reduce distractions and be more focused during your online study time.

1. Get Ready for School

Before studying, take a shower and get dressed. If you really want to, you can put your pajamas back on. However, you should make an effort to care for yourself before you begin. Online students often do not see the importance of looking neat, but how you look influences how you feel. When you strive to look presentable, you will feel more confident in yourself and your abilities while you study.

2. Organize Your Space

Keep your computer properly connected and your desk area organized and clean. If you eat or drink while studying (which is totally fine, by the way) be sure to clean it up immediately afterward. If you were attending a college or university in person, wouldn’t you do the same? Additionally, make sure you have enough light to read any materials you have, and that you have pens and paper on hand for notes within reach.

3. Use a Planner

Studying at home offers you flexibility, but you should still work to be organized. Take time to plan your week. Make time for each course and plan out the homework or projects you know will be due to ensure you finish them on time. Establish priorities with your school work every day and review them each morning. Write down due dates so you don’t miss any. Arrange your schedule around work and family responsibilities.

4. Set Alarms and Breaks

While studying, it can be helpful to set an alarm. You should give yourself enough time to get through all of your different courses and homework. You also need to schedule some breaks. Focus for an hour and then take a 5-10 minute break. It will help you to stay focused for the next hour.

5. Communicate With Your Family

If you do not live alone, communicate with your family about your schedule. For example, if you are a parent, prepare your kids ahead of time by letting them know you will study today. If they are more independent, ask for their help with home chores. Sit and talk about your goals with everyone at home and find ways to help each other.

6. Turn off Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest distractions to online learning. Turn off your phone or silence notifications during study times. 

Now that you have the tools, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to get started on improving your education.

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Anita Jude

Thanks for the great tips on studying at home these are amazing!