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Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System Makes Packing Much easier

I have partnered with Grand Fusion Housewares for this feature


We love to travel and my husband also travels a lot for work. I remember being a new traveler and I would overpack and have ‘options’ so I needed such a large suitcase. I would pack extra-extras for the boys and we were loaded down. Over the years we have become the “4 days-then we only need 2 shorts” realistic packers. The only dilemma I can never overcome is organization and keeping clothes folded neatly especially with my husband and his slacks and dress tops he packs for work travel. Whether you pack to travel long distance or are perhaps a student coming back and forth from home frequently, the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System is a packing game changer.

To pack you unzip the unit and hang with the attached hooks. Now you fold your clothing and neatly organize in the 3 tier system. You can keep little items up top like belts and socks and then shirts in the middle and pants below or however you wish to organize your items. Then you just pull the sides back up from the bottom (that is also a laundry storage when hanging) and drop down until the zippers reach and close it up. Then drop it in your suitcase. In plane rides or stuffed cars, nothing is going to shift in the suitcase the way you packed it.

Once at your destination, pull it from your suitcase and unzip. Find those 2 hooks and open the system up. As it drops down revealing the 3 ‘shelves’ your items are neatly folded still and have a place until you are ready to change clothes.

I love that you can see it all as opposed to rifling through a suitcase or hotel drawer. It is folded and stacked at eye level. I can fit 2 pairs of my husbands shoes plus his clothes and smaller items and for me, I can get 2 pairs of tennis shoes and some flip flops along with my clothes and small items. It holds a few days worth of clothes easily especially if you fold them well.

Find the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System available on their website and also find it at Bed Bath and Beyond and real soon you can find it on Amazon!

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