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Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

Storyteller's Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

by: Mrs Wordsmith

On January 28, the Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary was released in the US.  The book is currently #1 on Amazon UK. Parents love this book for a few reasons.

You get a 50% improvement in vocabulary proven by the National Literacy Trust. The book contains 4000 key storytelling words and hundreds of illustrations. In fact, the illustrations are from Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania’s unforgettable characters, come hundreds of hilarious illustrations.

Illustrated Dictionary

Once you purchase the Storytellers Illustrated Dictionary, look for a daily text message from their Word of the Day service. This book encourages independent readers as it boosts reading confidence.

I love how organized it is with words cleverly fitting into 6 categories – Action, Character, Emotion, Setting, Taste & Smell and Weather. Each section ends with illustrated noun sets. If they need help finding a related word, it is in the book on these topics.

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