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Stompeez Slippers with Personality #HolidayGiftGuide

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Stompeez  are the most favorite slippers sold, as far as my son is concerned and now the characters are a lot more fun. With characters like Nemo, Dora, Batman, Mickey, Minnie and more they make great gifts.


These Nemo Stompeez are a hit. They were a bit big for my toddler nephew so my friends Kindergartener adopted them because she knew exactly what they were and started stomping around making Nemo’s little fin flutter.

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The Stompeez slippers are made with quality materials, and durable stitching ensure they are made to last season after season. They are very well made and this is not the first pair we have owned. These do last and are made well. 

Stompeez collection

With sizes that fit a preschooler to older child, they will create so much fun. These slippers always become such fun conversation starters even with adults in the room because you can’t resist watching the interaction as your child walks, jumps and stomps in their slippers. Visit the Stompeez website to learn more.

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