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Stocking Up On Crayola Take Note! for Back to School

It’s like clockwork each year- school ends, we plan a fun day for the 4th of July and just like that, the store shelves are stocking school supplies. After many years of shopping for the boys school supplies I think I sneak shopping in earlier and earlier each year. In fact, I already have the homework bin and my son’s back to school shoes bought due to sales I came upon. Last year I realized something that changed when I shop for school supplies.

Last summer my son was 10 and heading into 5th grade. I got his class list close to school starting and went to fulfill the last I needed for that list. I came home and dropped the markers and colored pencils on the counter as my son came downstairs from his video games he’s addicted to. I have art supplies around (somewhere) that hardly get used, but he saw the Crayola Take Note! gel pens and asked if he can open them. I wasn’t going to say no to drawing. That night he was deep into a sketch pad drawing. I should have brought home drawing supplies sooner in the summer if it pulled him from video games.

Thanks to Crayola and the Take Note! supplies I am stocked and ready for another year! My Mom is a second grade Teacher so I even have dry erase markers and permanent markers from the Take Note! sets that are priced very well to donate to her for the year. The Crayola Take Note! line makes thin and thick dry erase pens which are great Teacher and classroom gifts!

Look at this! Just this morning, my son grabbed a few packages of our pens and highlighters and started some more drawing. No Fortnite, no Discord with buddies but freestyle drawing. He loves Stranger Things and that has been his art of choice lately of drawing Season 3 scenes. He saw the red and tore the package apart to finish the logo on his drawing. Once again, you set out new pens and supplies and they gravitate to them before school begins.

Find Crayola Take Note! at national retailers and

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