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Stick-O Cooking 16 Piece Set – Toddler Toy Review

Stick-O Cooking 16 Piece Set - Toddler Toy Review

Looking for some new toys to engage your toddler? These Stick-O Sets by Magformers are such a blast. I may or may not have been caught piecing these together as I sat with my nephew at play. This is the Cooking 16 Piece Set. Each piece can match to its pair – such as a handle to the fry pan or the yolk with the egg shells or watch them mix and match the pieces.

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Magformers has a very safe reputation for making magnetic toys for kids that are well made with very little risk of harm to your child. There are no visible magnets or easy access to them at all. They just work and build and are an engaging imaginary and role play toy.

toddler cooking set

These Stick-O sets are great for brain development, critical thinking and STEM education. Develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills and problem-solving ability. Buy on Amazon today.

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