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Steam Train Locomotion Bubble Blowing Toy for summer fun

This is promotional post for Velocity Toys. Opinions are my own

Summer Fun Feature
Some of the best summer toys are ones that will occupy the kids with no assistance from us! They are toys or products that you set up and let the kids have at them. Once you get batteries into the Steam Engine Bubble toy and fill it with bubbles, the kids can run and play with it as a it holds about a half of a bottle of standard bubbles and lasts quite a while.

What does this Steam Train Bubble Locomotive do?
  • Blows Bubbles, Comes with a Bottle of Bubble Liquid!
  • Train will Immediately Change Direction when Hitting an Obstacle
  • Flashing Lights & Music Sounds
  • You need 3 AA batteries (not included)
The sound is a lot of fun and it drives itself around and if it hits an obstacle, it will back itself out then be able to keep going. It really is a hands-off toy and moves itself independently. I actually had it going while my son was at school (lol)…it is too adorable!

You can get your for your children’s summer entertainment on Amazon!

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