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Staying healthy with CVS branded health products

I was sent samples for this post. Opinions are my own

Tis the season for allergies, headaches, colds, flu for you and the kids. Every winter & summer I go through the medicine drawers and toss expired and buy replacements. It adds up. I do try to focus on sales and scoop some duplicate products up as I see them on sale. However, now that we have CVS pharmacies popping up here in Washington, I can get their branded products that work just as well and at a fraction of the cost. 
Skin relief
From extreme dry skin to eczema, the CVS Eczema Wash and Cream are priced well under comparable brands. The CVS Eczema Wash uses borage seed oil to gently cleanse dry and irritated skin due to eczema and is cortisone free. The Eczema Cream is a daily moisturizer you can use after the wash. These products are made in part with Natura House. 
Digestive Support
As the holidays near and we eat more in December than we probably do any other month, CVS has probiotics and digestive aids. I have been on the search for children’s probiotics that don’t cost a fortune because they all do! My son needs the support at times and CVS has grape chewable Children’s Probiotics that my son loves and they seem to work great without any stomach upset as he gets used to them. They have plenty of options for adults from digestive support to Antacid Powder Sticks you pour on your tongue to dissolve and aid in upset stomachs.

Cold and Allergy Relief
You will also find CVS branded allergy support and the nighttime and daytime relief from symptoms as the cold and flu season hits. You will see the prices far less than the branded varieties and CVS products work great. 
Stop by CVS and be prepared so you have what you need on hand as symptoms arise. 
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