Stay warm this winter with gifts from Heat Holders

As someone who suffers from the deep itchy hives of cold urticaria, warm clothing is a life saver! With this condition, any cold that hits my exposed skin begins to swell and itch. It becomes worse as I thaw out when warming up, so staying as warm as possible at all times is how to handle it, as well as having an antihistamine on hand. Heat Holders allows me to sit in a cold office or wrap in in a cold room with comfort.

Heat Holders was originally created to be the warmest sock, then added other products to their line. Heat Holders uses a specially developed thermal yarn that provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Their innovative knitting technology produces unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating. Last of the process is the expert brushing process that maximizes the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all-day comfort.

To stay comfortable in winter, Heat Holders is so fantastic to have on hand for outdoor sporting events, cold camping nights, outdoor work and more! Find at retailers such as Amazon and at

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