Stay productive in school with the Class Tracker Student Planner

Stay productive in school with the ClassTracker Student Planner

If there was ever a time where being organized is crucial it is in a changing world like today. We were living life day by day as we knew it to be normal and a pandemic hit stopping us in our tracks. Once we were able to begin getting back to work and school we had been away for a while. Now we need to learn or re-learn how to get more organized. We have become planners and organizers. This is why a Class Tracker for any student or working parent is the best gift to give over the Holidays.

I am the ASB Secretary and Bookkeeper at our local high school and I have to stay on top of money and events. I am also a paper and pen organizer so I have 3 planners I work out of at the office. I have my events planner like above so I have quick access to extracurriculars happening day by day so I can get money bags and orders together for successful events and games. I also keep a binder for closing dates for grades and bell schedules and another for billing.

The Founder of Class Tracker has been in education for over 20 years. As a Teacher and academic coach she saw the lack of a student planner that actually works well for a student who needs this organization. You can trust that Class Tracker student planners have all they need to stay organized. In fact, Class Tracker was names Best Academic Planners for 2021 by CNN.

What you can find at Class Tracker is planners for middle schoolers, high schoolers and College students. Find page markers, goal tracking notebooks and more. Shop Class Tracker for the Holidays.

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