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Stay Fortified This Fall Season | Enter to win Superior Source Vitamins

Stay Fortified This Fall Season | Enter to  win Superior Source Vitamins

As we head into fall, it is time to wind down from the summer binges and vacations and think about getting our bodies back on track with healthy choices and supplemental help where needed. If you have visited a health store or even a retailer’s vitamin wall, the choices in supplements can seem overwhelming. If you think about exactly what supplements your Doctor has recommended and you consider your lifestyle and dietary needs, you can begin to find the right choice for you.

There is an 80-something year old, Ron Beckenfeld, the owner of Superior Source Vitamins who also wanted clean supplements and (for his ailing Father) were easy to swallow and so he created his line of over 70 vitamins and supplements that are clean and pure and his line has NO pills to swallow or water needed. They dissolve quickly and you don’t lose potency.

Superior Source Vitamins contain NO chemicals, preservatives, fillers or artificial colors. These tiny fast dissolve tablets offer quick absorption. These are perfect with adults who have a hard time (or hate) swallowing large pills. They even have a kids line because we all know how kids hate swallowing pills! Also, the Beet Root Apple Cider Vingear dissolve tablets, actually taste good! That’s a plus for me when taking ACV!

Buy Superior Source Vitamins!

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Enter to win!

Superior Source Vitamins is allowing me to giveaway a Vitamin Bundle. Enter to win $75 in Superior Source Vitamins—Zinc, B12/B6 ,D3 ,C , Beet Root Melts (as pictured in the graphic). Must be 18+ and a US address. Open to all US entrants who have not won Superior Vitamins in the past 12 months. Enter below and good luck!

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I love the clean ingredients!

Anne Perry

B12 and D3 are a must. I’d love to try the beetroot.

beth shepherd

I would love to try the zinc

Daniel Hawkins

Great website. Lots of great information

samibaceri samibaceri

I hope everyone knows that you shouldn’t take vitamins without a doctor’s prescription. Vitamins are not something where more is better. But you can always support your own health with the help of nutritional supplements. I encourage you to click on link to learn more about Gundry MD Bio Complete 3, which is especially effective for the digestive system.