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Start your free trial on Pure Flix and watch LIVE + LOCAL now #Giveaway

Start your free trial on Pure Flix and watch LIVE + LOCAL now #Giveaway

You have seen these stars before – Dave Coulier from Full House and Emily Pendergast from The Connor’s and more. They are back as radio hosts in a new Pure Flix show, LIVE+LOCAL. This is an easy watch about the Tommy (Coulier) and Tina (Pendergast) show for a Christian radio station. It has been the same run for almost a decade and perhaps it is time for change, but Tommy has a tough time with change. Tina is loving the change!

What really adds to this series are their live guest interviews that they do with real celebrities – Danny Ray, Leanne Morgan, John Cooper, Colton Dixon, Anna Lind Thomas, Anthem Lights, Whitney Miller, Dustin Nickerson, Jeff Allen, Dallas Jenkins, and more! Leanne Morgan really cracked me up!

Let’s focus on episode 1 where they interview Danny Ray, author & magician and Leanne Morgan, comedian. The episode sets up to introduce the actors of the show. There are really only 4 regulars, Tommy and Tina the radio hosts and producers Jerry and Lucy. Lucy is very green and Jerry has all the new ideas to persuade to give the show a modern edge.

It is a fun family show for the tween and older to follow along. The series just began this month and you can watch it on Pure Flix now and watch Live+Local! Pure Flix streams faith and family-friendly media that changes lives, inspires hearts and lifts the spirits of members like you and those you love. You get a 7 day free trial to Pure Flix as a new member! Or win a 3 moth subscription below!

Giveaway: One 3-month Pure Flix subscription. Giveaway is limited to US winners only. Winner chosen on 7/21/2022. No obligation to continue service!

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Elizabeth TierceMiller

I have not seen this but I like that it seems like a good wholesome family comedy.

Fredrick Pauly

I have never seen or head of it, but it’s got to be better than most of the garbage on TV today.

Penny Branson LeBaron

No I have not heard of this show but I like Pure flix