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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Video Game Starter Pack

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About the Starlink game story

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you lead a heroic team of interstellar pilots to free the Atlas star system from the Forgotten Legion. Innovative modular toys allow players to build unique starships which can be customized on the fly for a new way to play as players adapt to overcome any challenge they encounter in this epic open world adventure.

Playing Starlink

Talking Starlink: Battle for Atlas with Anthony (age 10). As we looked over the game it seems to us that it may not be the game best for younger kids as there are a lot of pieces and you are building as you play and want to be quick. With that said, it is excellent for the older child who wants to graduate from kid/cartoon video games to more advance and technical play without the T and M ratings. This game is rated for ages 7+.

Anthony mentions that it is also great for learning to play the RPG gameplay (Role Player Games). This is because you are your own pilot (you get to choose which pilot to play), then you build your ship and add-on as you want. Now the game play depends on your decisions and how you build. So, it is real time play like the popular building games, but gets you ready to see how your actions affect the game outcome which is more of what many popular T and M-rated games are.

You want to start on this game with the Starter Pack available for the XBox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. There are extra Starships, Pilots, Weapons and Mounts to buy for optimal play, but the Starter Pack has all you need to get started including the game, a mount, starships, pilots and weapons. Pilot packs and weapon packs are under $10 so I would see what items your Starter Pack contains and maybe pick up different single packs to add so they can really build and grown within the game as they choose right away.

Pilots Starlink

The objective for the pieces is to connect your modular toys to your controller mount and see them come to life in game instantly. If you want to gauge your child’s interest or ability, you can head to the Starlink Starship Builder site and build there to start!

Buying the Starlink: Battle of Atlas Game

You can start by visiting Starlink at Ubisoft to see all game information.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas and its available at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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Dear Santa,
I know I’m an adult, but can you please put this under MY tree too? I too like to play games like this, and it sounds like a whole lot of fun! LOL

Cindy Ingalls

My nephew has a Switch. I know he would love this set. He’s so into playing video games so this would be such a fun addition for him.

Marie Kait

My nephew would love this game! This is great. Way better than the gift card I’ve been thinking about. He’s at a tough age to buy and I don’t want to seem uncool. Lol.

Kathryn at QuestFor47

That looks like such a fun game. I didn’t really have much by way of video games as a kid, but I LOVE space and sci-fi, so I probably would have been all about this!

Cindy Gordon

I really like that some video games have become interactive. They challenge the mind to build and create outside the video portion of the game.

Vanessa Delia

I am thankful that Starlink Battle for the Atlas is rated 7+. So many times, when kids graduate up, there is nothing appropriate for them to move up to.


This would make an awesome Christmas kid for my nephew. He is into gaming lately.


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