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Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room Review-Seattle

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We live near Seattle and recently visited a spot near Capitol Hill I have wanted to visit for a while now. The Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is must-stop in Seattle to experience the finest coffee crafting you can’t get anywhere else.


If you are a Starbucks fan you have heard that CEO Howard Schultz stepped down as CEO to focus on these new roastery concepts that I feel can be a huge hit. The outside of the building is tall with very large wood doors and when you walk inside it is almost overwhelming to the eye because there is so much to see.


Yes! It is truly the place to watch the finest beans from around the world being roasted in front of your eyes. I’d say about 40% of the atmosphere is the assembly pieces needed for the roasting and bagging of their special reserve beans. It is all around you and above you working to roast. You are simply intruding on the process to watch, taste and shop. It is an experience you won’t forget, not just a place to get coffee.


Starbucks travels the world for the finest beans and develop a signature roast for the most special of those beans found. These signature roasts become the Starbucks Special Reserve beans for sale at the Roastery, online and some storefronts.


When you walk in you are greeted then you can head into the gift shop or head to the first bar for some coffee or pastries and salads. Keep walking to the back and you get some museum-style decor to view and larger seating areas including a private area for large crowds you can try and hold down for you group.


Walk upstairs to see a fantastic view of roasting from above.



If you take a seat and choose to browse the house menu it can be confusing as there are recipes you have never seen anywhere else. At the front bar you can order your typical drinks you are used to but in the back you get some extra help. If you request an explanation of what you are wanting to taste a Barista will come sit with you like we had. He sat and helped explain the entire menu and choose a drink we may like based on our conversations and tastes we talked about.


Below is the Smoked Butterscotch Latte my BIL ordered. This one is sweet and so creamy. It is espresso and whole milk infused with smoked butterscotch and black pepper. He challenged my BIL to try despite the pepper note and it was fantastic.


They made my son a butterscotch hot chocolate. My son thought it had some orange flavor so perhaps it was a smoked butterscotch used or a special blend.


What did I order? I had to try the Shakerato Bianco. I have no words-speechless to the divine taste. You need to love the espresso taste for this one. A Shakerato is Italian iced coffee drink featuring freshly ground espresso shaken over ice and poured into a martini glass. So you get some crunch of tiny ice particles in each sip.


Because there were more of us we also ordered the taster which means we chose 3 of the days brews and had them in carafes with small tasting cups for sampling. This is a great way to give a few a try and please everyones palate at the table.


From my 8 year old son to my Father we all enjoyed the visit. You cannot comfortably walk here from Pike Place as it is many blocks up hill. However in the day of Seattle traveling you can find a parking spot and visit perhaps after dinner at some of the fantastic restaurants within a block or two of the Roastery. Located at 1124 Pike St. Seattle, Wa. 

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