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Spray Erase dry erase spray markers for whiteboards

Spray Erase’s dry erase spray markers for whiteboards

Need a fun Valentine’s gift for a Teacher? How about these Spray Erase – Dry Erase Spray Markers? It’s like an educational graffiti tool for the whiteboards. Whether your child has a classroom teacher or you homeschool, you can step up your whiteboard game to keep the kids organized and engaged with these markers.

SprayErase markers

They are like paint spray cans in the shape of a dry erase marker. They are great to use so you can stencil fun icons or even calendar or chore grids on the board. They spray is not too wide making it perfect to grab some stencils and give it a quick spray and you have a board that has straight lines or icons for the little ones.

classroom markers

Spray an apple stencil to indicate snack time or a bus to indicate go-home time. Get creative and make your boring whiteboard a message and engagement tool. Even if you are not in a classroom and use a whiteboard for business reasons or presentations, you can look more professional and organized with a tool that allows for quick icons and flair.

Teacher gift idea

The 4-pack comes with a blue, red, green and black spray marker. It erases as easily as the markers. Visit SprayErase to order yours today.

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