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Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

Thank you to Rollerblade for partnering with us for this feature

Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

We just wrapped up our Memorial weekend and for the first time is many years we had above 80 degree weather for all 4 days! That is so rare here in Seattle. We spend the weekend visiting family, one last celebration from Anthony’s birthday last week and a road trip to Mt Rainier area for a flea market.  It was gorgeous and not much time was spent indoors with this weather. It has me so excited for summer.

Anthony is also excited as the past 2 weeks he has owned a brand new pair of Rollerblade inline skates. He has never even owned roller skates before so this is new to him and he did not know how to use the inline skates when they arrived. Now he has improved so much and thanks to this weather stretch he has been able to get a lot of practice. That means less time indoors near the TV and games.

He has the Rollerblade Spitfire XT. What is unique about these skates is that they expand in size. Because our kids are always growing these skates can stay theirs for a long time. We spend enough as they grow out of shoes and clothes so now they can keep the skates and in a minor adjustment they will expand a size. There are 3 kid size options to choose from: 11(junior)-1, 2-5 and 5-8. the Spitfire XT comes in red/black. You can find them at Dicks Sporting Goods and on Amazon

When the skates arrived I was so happy with the quality. Words can hardly express how enamored I was inspecting every stitch and feel of the skate. Sizing took a push of a button and a strong pull and the shoe keeps in place. With Anthony as a new rider he has had many spills these past few weeks and there have been no flaws of adjusting form the skates. They use the standard inline skate brake pads too so it is easy to change these out as your child wears our the pads.

Do your kids have inline skates? Have they ridden in a while?

Visit the kids rollerblade options. Let’s get them moving outdoors this summer!

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