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Speedy Scribbles is a game of fast thinking and drawing for memory

Speedy Scribbles is a game of fast thinking and drawing for memory

We have had a blast with this new game of pressure and scribbles by Goliath Games. Speedy Scribbles is a memory game where you have to rely on quick scribbles to remember the 20 words read aloud in a round. My son is 13 and this game will be going in the RV for camping game nights this summer. It is addictive and you will easily get several rounds in on game night.

Speedy Scribbles

Set up is easy. Speedy Scribbles is a 4-8 player game. There is a colored score game board and colored pegs. It also comes with the scoring sheets, game cards, bell and scoring sheets. You do not need anything else to play this game. It is ready to go right from the box.

Drawing for memory

Each player chooses a peg to play. Notice that where you start on the board is a red rectangle? This means round 1 will be played from the red side of the game cards. The long card holder is numbered 1-20. These are the 20 words played on that round from the red side of 4 cards drawn by that round’s Reader.

Memory game

The steps are easy. Dealer draws 4 cards from the deck. Depending on the color being played that round, the 4 cards will be placed in the card holder 1-20 (overlapping so the correct words by color are in the corresponding number slots as shown above). The Reader is the only one who draws, sets and sees these cards. The Reader will read each word 1 second at a time. The other players use the scoring pads to quickly sketch whatever will help them remember that word and move through the 20 boxes as the 20 words are read in 20 seconds. Notice above, here is an example of how a round will look like after words are read and because it was Round 1, red cards were used due to everyone starting on the red START on the score board.

Scoring now begins. The Reader will choose a player and ask them to name a word in any box (“Joe, what was word 13?”) If Joe gets it right, he gets a point (Reader will say “Correct” or “Incorrect” to Joe without giving away the right answer). If Joe gets it wrong, any other player can be first to press the bell for their chance to get it right and earn that point. Only 1 extra guess per word and the Reader will move on to ask a new player for a new word. A round ends when every player was given a first chance by the reader 3 times each (If there are 4 players: 1 is a Reader, 3 are players. So, the Reader will ask all 3 players 3 times each for a first guess – any 9 words of the 20 total). The players will move their pegs the number of points they earned that round and the player with the most points dictates the next game color according to where their peg lands). It is fast-paced and so addictive.

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