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Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager

Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Massager

If you are not experienced with using a message gun then there are a few benefits you be unaware of in having such a recovery tool. If you have ever been to a Physical Therapist, perhaps they have used a percussive message gun, but do you understand the real benefits? Better than just a head that massages skin for recovery and blood circulation, the right massage gun gets very deep into the tissue and is known as percussion therapy. A therapist can get deep into your tissue with their techniques, but by having a percussion massager, you can take that up a notch and you can continue that therapy at home to speed up your recovery.

Ekrin B37

Percussion and massage guns are not just a tool to use with injuries alongside PT, they can be used as a way to provide stress relief, is know to help release dopamine and serotonin in the body and improve blood circulation once you get the hang of using the gun. The Ekrin B37 is a percussion massage gun.

There are 5 settings and at its highest setting can release up to 56lbs of pressure. The 15 degree ergonomic handle helps you reach more places on your body. This massager is very quiet as well. You get 5 different attachments to really target all the right spots on your body. The flat head is great for anywhere you need to target, the bullet head is for that pinpoint target such as your hands, feet and releasing knots and tension, the round foam head is great for your large muscles and the fork is for your neck and spine.

Percussion Massager

With the 5 settings you get high speeds for your muscle warm up and the lower speeds for recovery. I have seen such a great impact on recovery after high intensity training using the B37. Whether you need stress relief or are an athlete needing to recover better these Ekrin products are at the top of my favorite brand list for such tools. It is available at Amazon for fast delivery. Visit the Ekrin shop for more!

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