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Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

When I was younger and had an upset stomach it was always soup and ginger ale to the rescue. The bubbles and broth did something magical to soothe your stomach and has been a go-to for many households for decades. Now that I am a parent myself I read labels and wonder just how a glass or sugary soda was always the right call? I mean, I felt it worked but was there something better?

Then I discovered SOOV, the stomach calming drink. Now there was an option with a lot less sugar and they actually used REAL ginger along with aloe, lemon, mint and chamomile.

SOOV drinks

This feel good drink in a can is great for kids and adults to soothe an upset stomach. However, as a bonus, it can also make a great alternative to sugary sodas as a mixer. The added benefit of the real ingredients can help your cocktail be a bit easier on the stomach. I just add some to a favorite liquor when I need a nightcap or have company.

SOOV cocktails

SOOV has only 6 grams of sugar and you won’t find artificial ingredients, GMO and it is gluten-free. The label? That’s easy and you will recognize every ingredient – water, ginger juice, aloe vera juice, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, mint extract and chamomile extract. Just about 1 1/2 tsp of sugar per can is much better than the almost 9 tsp of sugar in a can of similar sodas. Also, sodas are not including real ginger in the ingredients.

SOOV stomach soothing

Enjoy SOOV as a gentle mixer, stomach ache soother or as a digestive aid after a big meal. You’ll want to have these on hand, especially if you suffer with digestive disorders. My 12 year old has inflammatory, digestive problems and these are fantastic to have on hand. At under $3.50 a can (in the 12 pack) he can affordably trade out a digestive aid/enzyme drug for a can of SOOV and they taste great to him!

Visit SOOV to order a case and keep on hand in your fridge!

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