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Sons of Thunder: Redemption series Premier January 13, 2022

Sons of Thunder: Redemption series Premier January 13, 2022

“Do you know Jesus? I didn’t”. Simon, a former member of the Devil’s Hand is righting his wrongs and spreading the love of Jesus. This is how Sons of Thunder began on Pure Flix. This series brought stories of how Simon helped others find Jesus and change their ways. These are heart-warming, stories of people who’s lives were hanging precariously on a thin line until Simon crossed their paths. He finds odd jobs along the way to keep his bike full of gas so he can keep moving and spreading the love. Now there is a Part 2, Sons of Thunder: Redemption that premiers on Pure Flix January 13, 2022.

Make sure to start watching the original Sons of Thunder now!


A spin-off of the original “Sons of Thunder.” “Redemption” follows Jacob, a lone biker on the road, on his journey to share his faith, seek forgiveness and encourage others on a ranch in California while scraping by from job to job and spreading the love of Jesus to those he meets. It’s the reboot you will crave after Sion’s stories.

Click below to enjoy the original Sons of Thunder trailer (2019) and then scroll and click again to watch the Sons of Thunder: Redemption trailer that premiers January 13th:

Pure Flix streams faith and family-friendly media that changes lives, inspires hearts and lifts the spirits of members like you and those you love. Sons of Thunder and Sons of Thunder: Redemption are just 2 of many such films and series on Pure Flix. Start streaming these great shows today with a subscription.

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Hey when is the episode of sons of thunder redemption coming out. You just have 6. Please bring them both back when with Simon and Jake and Logan.!

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